8 Strange Details About The Unsolved Murder Of Faith Hedgepeth — The Disturbing Voicemail On Her Phone & The Threatening Note On A Fast Food Bag

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8 Strange Details, Unsolved Murder Of Faith Hedgepen, College Student Who Was Raped And Killed ,2012

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill sophomore Faith Hedgepeth was found dead, covered in blood in her apartment on Sept. 7, 2012.

It has been five years since Hedgepeth, 19, was murdered, and the case still remains unsolved. 

“I just can’t believe it’s been five years since she was taken away from us,” said Faith’s sister, Rolanda Hedgepeth. “It has been frustrating at times but you just have to be patient and make sure this is a solid case.”

Chapel Hill police are still working the case in order to find Hedgepeth’s killer.

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“It’s never been a cold case,” Chapel Hill police said. “A lot of people think it’s a cold case because it’s been so long, but it’s not.”

Hedgepeth’s case is still talked about at the university, though many of her friends and classmates have graduated.

“It is especially important to make sure her name is out there and people don’t stop talking about it until her perpetrator is put behind bars,” Gabrielle James, a member of the Alpha Pi Omega sorority Hedgepeth was in, told WRAL.

Here are eight strange details about the unsolved murder of Faith Hedgepeth:

1. She was killed with a bottle of rum.


ABC News reports that Hedgepeth was bludgeoned to death with a bottle of rum that was found in her apartment.

She died of severe head trauma.

2. She may have recorded her last moments on her phone.

A voicemail left by Hedgepeth the night she died may have recorded her last moments.

In the voicemail, Hedgepeth, along with two men and a woman, can be heard speaking.

The News & Observer reports that one male is heard saying, “I think she’s dying,” to which another male replies, “Do it anyhow.”

Hedgepeth can be hears saying, “Ow! Help me!”

Police question if the call was made before or during her death, though. The voicemail was left at 1:23 a.m., several hours before the UNC student’s estimated time of death. She was reportedly at Thrill nightclub before she was killed, where the call may have been made.

3. She may have been raped.


Hedgepeth was found naked from the waist down, which indicates she was sexually assaulted, WRAL reports.

“So Faith was found deceased, partially nude … There was a lot of blood in the bedroom, and she had suffered what appeared to be severe head trauma,” Chapel Hill Police Lt. Celisa Lehew told ABC News. “Faith was wrapped, partially, in a comforter that had been located on the bed. There was some blood splatter throughout the bedroom as well as where the pillow might be.

Police have yet to release whether she was raped or had consensual sex before she was killed.

4. DNA was collected from semen at the crime scene.


Semen was found at the crime scene, suggesting Hedgepeth was raped by her killer.

DNA was collected from the semen, but didn’t match the DNA of any of the persons of interest, police said.

“Hundreds of DNA samples” of men in Chapel Hill were analyzed yet no matches were found.

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5. A handwritten note was found on her bed.

A fast food bag with the words “IM NOT STUPID B****” and “JEALOUS” written on it in all caps was found at Hedgepeth’s apartment.

According to ABC News, the DNA found on the pen used to write the message matched that of the DNA collected from the Hedgepeth’s body.

6. Police released a sketch of the killer.


Police sent the DNA collected from semen at the crime scene to Parabon NanoLabs, which came up with a sketch of the person who killed Hedgepeth.

“What Snapshot is doing is treating the DNA like a blueprint, the genetic blueprint that allows us to predict what someone looks like, because in that genetic code is the information for how to build that person,” Parabon NanoLabs founder and CEO Steven Armentrout said.

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Ellen Greytak, director of Bioinformatics at Parabon NanoLabs, said the DNA allowed them to pinpoint what ethnicity the murderer most likely is.

“You can be very confident that this is not a white person,” said Greytak. “This is not a person of African descent. This is a person who is very strongly Native American and European mixed ancestry or Latino.”

7. Hedgepeth’s roommate’s ex was a person of interest.

One of the persons of interest in the case was Eriq Takoy Jones, the ex-boyfriend of Hedgepeth’s roommate, Karena Rosario.

Rosario had a restraining order against Jones, who had previously threatened her and had violent bouts of anger. One time he even said he would kill Hedgepeth if Rosario didn’t date him.

Chapelboro reports that the cover photo on Jones’ Facebook page read, “Dear Lord. Forgive me for all of my sins and the sins I may commit today. Protect me from the girls who don’t deserve me and the ones who wish me dead today.”

He also texted a friend asking for forgiveness for whatever he was about to do.

He was later ruled out as a suspect as his DNA did not match the DNA found in Hedgepeth’s apartment.

8. No new suspects have been identified.

Police have not been able to pinpoint anyone believed to be the killer in years.

"We have excellent evidence. We have a really good case," Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue told WRAL. "We just need to connect this really good case with the killer."

Hedgepeth’s mother, Connie Hedgepeth, said it won’t make a difference if the killer is caught. All she wants to know is “Why?”

"We really want to bring some peace to Faith’s family,” Blue said. “This has been two unimaginable years for them.”

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