The 15 Most Obnoxious Alarm Clocks To Help You Wake Up (Even After The Daylight Saving Time Change)

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If you're anything like me, you have trouble waking up in the morning — even after a decent night's sleep. You're feeling tired, grumpy and have no desire to get out of bed. And you know that things will only get worse once the daylight savings time change comes into effect on March 11th. (Why do they do this to us?!)

Getting a loud alarm clock that's guaranteed to wake you up can be a challenge in and of itself, but finding one that's obnoxious enough to combat your sleepiness and the spring ahead daylight savings time change... now that's a tall order.

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You need an alarm clock that's obnoxious enough to wake even the most tired, heavy sleeper! That's why we've found the best alarm clocks on the market that are sure to get your tired self out of bed.

Although I can't guarantee it will be pleasant, I can guarantee it will be annoying enough to help you get up on time.

Here are the best loud alarm clocks that are guaranteed to wake you up, even if you're tired from the daylight savings time change:

1. The Wakin' Shakin Bacon Alarm Clock

Who doesn't appreciate waking up to bacon? Now, when that bacon raps, it's hands down the best wake up call ever! This hilarious clock will make you laugh yourself right out of bed. 

2. Dynamite Alarm Clock

Are you so glued to your pillow that nothing can pull you apart? Try this dynamite alarm clock. It counts down before blasting you out of bed with its lights and loud alarm. You'll be so shocked you won't have enough time to even think about hitting the snooze button.

3. Wood Cat Night Light Desk Clock

Animal lovers everywhere can rejoice! This clock comes in the shape of a cat, bear, elephant, owl and a ridiculously cute bunny. The alarm intensity increases the longer you stay in bed, and it's guaranteed to wake even the heaviest of sleepers. 

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4. Minimalist Mini Cube

If you don't need all the wacky bells and whistles, then this minimalist mini cube is for you. It's small and super sleek design makes it very stylish. 

5. LED Digital Alarm Clock, Plus USB Charging Port

If you're attached at the hip to your cell phone (and let's be honest... who isn't?), then this digital alarm clock is perfect for you! You can charge your phone while you sleep, and it has an alarm loud enough to wake the dead.

6. Sunrise Alarm Clock

If you want something that's a little less "in your face," this alarm clock uses light technology to wake you up more naturally by gradually glowing brighter and brighter — like a mini-sunrise in your room. You can also program it to add soothing, natural sounds to your wake up call.

7. Digital Alarm Clock With Temperature & Date Info

Sometimes, the simple things are the best. This adorable blue clock tells you the temperature and date, so you'll know exactly which outfit to pick out before you even get out of bed. Plus, this alarm doesn't start off loud; it beeps softly at first and slowly increases in volume.

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8. Sony Projector Dual Alarm Clock

This price is totally not budget-friendly, but it's worth it for heavy sleepers. It actually projects the current time onto your ceiling once the alarm goes off, so you have absolutely no excuses for being late!

9. Digital Wooden Alarm Clock

Not only is this alarm clock elegantly designed, it's loud enough to drag you out of even your deepest dreams. Sure, it almost gave you a heart attack, but at least your up!

10. Retro Style Alarm Clock

If you love the 80's and everything that is retro, this clock is for you. The alarm is loud, and the design is oh-so-cute!

11. Digital Calendar Alarm Clock

Why not get a clock that keeps you on track? It tells you the week, month and date as soon as you wake up, so you'll never miss a beat.

12. Magic Music Plant Pot Alarm Clock

Meet the alarm clock that does more than double-duty. Not only can you use it as a real planter, it will make you bust a move while getting out of your bed. How charming!

13. Visual Illusion Clock

Add a futuristic touch to your home with this cool alarm clock that has a built-in projector. You can even change the color to suit your mood!

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14. Memo Board Alarm Clock

Get glowing (and going!) with this unique alarm clock that allows you to write neon messages or reminders on its clear memo board with a special pen. Before you get up and go, you can leave a loving message to your lover, or maybe a note about how loudly he snores.

15. 12/24 Hour Display Alarm Clock

This stylish design can be programmed to display the time in either 12-hour or 24-hour format, for those of you on military time. Plus, it has three brightness settings depending on your needs.

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