New Silent Alarm Clock Could Help Couples Get Better Sleep

Couple in bed near alarm clock
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The new LARK alarm clock could be key for partners who wake up at different times each morning.

Has your sleep ever been rudely interrupted hours before it needed to be due to your guy's pesky alarm clock? (We know. So annoying at six o'clock in the A.M.) If you're in this boat on a daily basis, Julia Hu knows how you feel. That's why she created LARK.

Hu was just a sleep-hungry MIT grad student when her working boyfriend was wakin' her up an hour and a half early each morning. Since lack of sleep can often lead to frantic desperation, she decided to do something about it. Hu created LARK, a "silent" alarm clock that also tracks your nightly sleep habits. 5 Tips For Better Sleep and Sex

How it works: You wear a wireless wristband at night, which signals an iOS app for iPhone, keeping tabs on all things sleep-related. You'll wake up to a soft vibration in the morning and get a full report on exactly how you slept the night before—everything from quality of rest to how many times you woke up in the night. Pretty cool, huh? 

"Our goal is to help people realize how critical sleep is to their health and well-being," Hu told Mashable. We could not agree more.

Starting on June 14, you can pick up LARK in any Apple store in North America or snap one up online. A mere $129 will have you (and your partner) sleeping more soundly. Or if you'd like to change any nasty sleep habits, there's a package including a Personal Sleep Coach that will track your snooze patterns for a week and help you develop more healthy routines. My Seriously Obnoxious Sleep Disorder Almost Ruined My Relationship

"Giving people an understanding of how they sleep naturally motivates them to sleep better," Hu said. "Competitive feelings arise, so people will make small adjustments and later see the effects of these behaviors on their sleep. We think you can be personally coached to better sleep."

We love our partners, but we're pretty into sleep, too. So we think this idea is genius.