The Zodiac Sign Meant To Push Your Buttons & Burst Your Bubble

Scorpio, a reminder that just because a partner is needy doesn’t mean you can douse their fire.

The Zodiac Sign Sent To Push Your Buttons & Burst Your Bubble unsplash

First things first, all zodiac signs can date other zodiac signs.

Just because someone may push your buttons or burst your bubble doesn't mean the relationship can't work out. 

Obviously though, not all relationships will end up being easy or feel effortless.It’s common to see other people base who they date on their zodiac sign compatibility.

For good reason too. Some signs just can’t get along unless they put effort into it, or, too much effort at times.


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Some of it has to do with your Sun sign placement. It also has to do with the planets and other signs in your birth chart that might affect who you are as an individual. It’s the same for your partner.


So, for example, it’s not like just because you’re Aquarius and they’re a more sentimental Sun sign you’re not going to get along. It might just take more work or you might need to pay attention to the rest of their birth chart. 

Generally, sign pairings that are not 45 or 180 degrees apart will be a little tougher. Also, there should be a certain familiarity or chemistry with someone of your own zodiac sign.

Like I said before, it also depends on what you find on the rest of your birth chart.

However, the distance between zodiac signs is a good indicator of compatibility and how well you'll get along. So, for example, 60 degrees means that a sign is two horoscopes apart from the other one. 

The problem with relationships is, if you think about it, with how one relates to each other. Different pairings of people will relate to each other in different ways.


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Some people are more emotional and others are more rational. Some are practical and others are dreamers.

Some can get along with others who are different and others need to marry their “twin”.

If you look at the elements as well, you can more or less figure out which pairings will require more effort. That’s what I like to do.


I like to pair up the elements of two people to see if they’d be compatible. I also like to do it to get an idea of a possible dynamic or possible issues.

An example would be a water and fire sign, where the dynamic is steamy, but the fire extinguishes and the water evaporates. 

Say you’re a water astrological sign and they’re a fire horoscope. Yes, you eventually get a steamy relationship where a huge fire needs water to calm it.

What happens after the fire is extinguished? The water evaporates, which really means that water sign leaves and the fire sign is also left distraught.

Everything related to the water sign is left dry and damaged. 


Now, does that mean a pairing with those signs can’t work? Again, it just takes effort. Without it, the issues I mentioned begin to ensue and the value of the relationship is gone.

There are so many good qualities that each sign might possess. It’s important that those don’t get pushed aside because of a preventable downward spiral.

A fire sign might have lots of warmth and energy to offer in a relationship.



Meanwhile, a water sign might have emotional depth and can provide that same support for others. Unchecked, a fire sign might consume the other sign.

Likewise, unchecked, a fire sign might get unintentionally drowned. Their positive qualities begin to get unappreciated or abused. 

Anyway, enough of my low-key self-centered writing. Read on to find out who you might need to make an effort to be with!

Keeping in mind that it isn’t the end of the world if I say you’re not highly compatible, according to astrology.



Scorpio and Leo instantly are magnets for each other. The former becomes used to receiving the latter’s attention and entertainment while also becoming intrigued.

It’s this same give and take that Leo needs which holds Scorpio captive.

Eventually, both of these leaders starting showing their flaws, which tend to be the same, and they get on each other’s nerves.

Scorpio gets frustrated with Leo’s neediness whereas Leo becomes disinterested in Scorpio the more Scorpio withholds themselves. 

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Aquarius and Virgo both live life according to their standards. Aquarius is a free spirit unconcerned with others’ expectations whereas Virgo is a little more inclined to have traditional beliefs.


Furthermore, Aquarius would rather put their focus on social causes whereas Virgo wants to micromanage people into living better lives.

On top of that, Aquarius is stranger than Virgo. This pair would irritate each other because of Virgo’s controlling nature and Aquarius’s dismissal of putting down roots.

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This match is almost as unlikely as the one above. What both of these signs have in common is energy and initiative.


Where they start to differ is that Capricorn is more stable and Gemini is more frantic.

At the same time, Capricorn doesn’t show different sides to others in the way Gemini does as the sign of the twins.

So, Capricorn might be a little slow for Gemini and Gemini might come off as disorganized for Capricorn. 

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It’s fair to say that these signs have something that the other needs. Cancer is more soft and caring whereas Aries is fiery and aggressive.


Cancer needs to learn to stick up for themselves whereas Aries needs to soften his edges.

Cancer needs to come first once in a while and Aries needs to sit and feel things every once in a while too.

Although they teach each other things, relationships consist of two whole people and not individuals who need others to make them better.

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Pisces and Libra are quite similar in a lot of ways. These are sensitive signs who would rather see the good in their partners.

However, everyone has flaws and it’s important for the relationship that both partners recognize it.

One of these flaws is that neither sign is inclined to take charge or be firm.


This doesn’t make them toxic to each other but it does make relationships difficult to progress because neither wants to make a firm decision. 

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These Sun signs have a lot more differences than commonalities. On top of that, Sagittarius is independent whereas Taurus is bull-headed.


Should any disagreement arise that isn’t easy to resolve, Sagittarius will have no problem becoming distant.

Likewise, Taurus is stubborn enough to unintentionally put themselves over their relationships.

These zodiac signs need to remember that the former should stop running away and the latter should run a little more wild according to the Sagittarius’ liking. 

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