The 5 Zodiac Signs Of Astrology Who Love Their Wild Child Lifestyle

Do you live life on the edge?

The 5 Zodiac Signs Of Astrology Who Love Their Wild Child Lifestyle Unsplash

Not many zodiac signs can pull off being a wild child. Being a wild child means living life a little recklessly and very spontaneously.

You have to be a zodiac sign that’s not afraid of anything because to you, being a wild child doesn’t just mean letting go and having fun; it also means being fearless and a little crazy.



I mean, only a wild child would suggest doing something slightly illegal in the middle of the night or get everyone in your squad together for an impromptu road trip for the weekend when your actual weekend doesn’t start for another few days.

So, yeah, a lot of people who don’t really understand the wild child lifestyle (hey, that kinda rhymes) sees this behavior as really nothing less than terrifying and kind of dumb.

But fellow wild child zodiac signs see a chance to be their authentic selves and want in on these crazy plans, and it doesn't take a full moon to change their wild personality.


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Being a wild child can be exciting, but you definitely have to be all in, and perhaps born with a certain type of horoscope that needs to be free.

There’s NO room for worry or second guessing because a lot of the time, you’re going to have to leave reason and judgment behind for a good time.

Of course, I haven’t done anything that would qualify me as a wild child for a loooong time because I’ve just been way too busy with my responsibilities to relax.

I know, I know that defeats the whole purpose of being a wild child in the first place, but you know what I mean.


I think the most reckless thing I’ve done in the past year was eating a bag of Cheetos only a few weeks after I started eating healthier.

Crazy, right? My stomach seemed to think so.

But one thing I feel needs some clarifying is that being a wild child doesn’t only apply to young people.

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I think you can still be considered young at heart to want to get a little crazy and have fun.

And if you really do have a crazy weekday schedule that you just can’t take time away from, you can always be a weekend wild child — at least to start with.

Even though the wild child mentality is seen as irresponsible and stupid, I’m not going to lie and just tell you right now that the wild child zodiac signs of astrology are the signs I have always had some of the best times with — and made some of the best memories with.


And hanging out with the non-wild child zodiac signs are really equally as much — they just bring a different brand of fun to the table (which I love, too).

But if you want to go crazy and get a little spontaneous, then these wild child zodiac signs are the horoscopes you should be hanging out with, according to astrology.


1. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Aries is the type of wild child that looks fear right in the eyes and laughs. She craves adventure and constantly wants thrill out of life, so she isn’t the kind of person to let fear or worry stop her. She can be a little bit spontaneous when the mood strikes — which can either be good or bad depending on the situation — but Aries’ main goal is to just live life to the fullest.

As a fire sign, it’s easy for Aries to get too caught up in her wild child side and actually start bordering on reckless. She’ll tell you that’s just what makes life exciting, but others find it terrifying. Of course, she’s going to keep doing whatever she wants, so you can try to talk some sense into her, but it probably won’t work. All you can do is let Aries be Aries.

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2. LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Leo loves to have fun and will go to great lengths to make memories (and add a ton of new photos to her Instagram page). She has a lot of energy inside of her that she needs to get out, which is why she’s the friend who is always suggesting a late-night adventure or a weekend away from the business of life.

Leo is also a fire sign, so she understands the value of having an exciting life. Leo also loves surrounding herself with other wild child personalities – the kinds of people who get that she sometimes needs to take an impromptu road trip or dance on a table.

When she knows that the company she’s with is comfortable with her being her, it makes her that much more relaxed and ready for fun. In fact, she might even get a little too out of hand if she knows her friends will egg her on.


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3. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio is an intense person who believes that life is an all or nothing situation. If she’s going to be a wild child, then she’s going to make it count. She doesn’t like being a person who only ever half-asses things, so expect her to be the friend who suggests something crazy when someone wants to do something fun. But even when it’s scary, hanging out with wild child Scorpio is addicting.

Scorpio is the friend you always have to think twice about hanging out with because of the insane things you did last time you were together. But while Scorpio can be a super fun wild child, she can also be a little dangerous.


She isn’t afraid to one-up people for reckless and adventurous activities to do, whether they’re safe or legal or not. All she cares about is having a good time – alone or with friends.

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4. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius is your classic wild child — the one who breezes through life looking for one party after another without worrying about anything except the situation she’s in right now. She can be a thrill-seeker when she feels like her usually-exciting life is starting to get boring, but really, she just wants to live every day like it’s her only day.


Sagittarius is definitely as spontaneous as she is fearless. If there is something she wants to try — no matter how dangerous or reckless it is — she will go out and do whatever she wants.

As a wild child, Sagittarius is always looking for fun and the only thing she likes more than fun is having someone to do crazy things with. She’s often nowhere to be found because her spontaneous spirit takes her wherever she wants to go.

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5. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius is the bad girl wild child that is fearless and reckless because it goes against everything people want her to be. She likes being a rebel and if being a rebel means doing crazy things and being unpredictable, then that’s exactly who she’s going to be.

Of course, she does always make sure that she’s doing all these wild child things for herself and not because other people tell her not to, but you get my point. Aquarius hates when people tell her no because she answers to no one.

She also loves trying new things and sometimes, new things can be scary and a little dangerous! All she cares about, though, is having a good time with her BFFs. Aquarius is also more likely to show off her wild child side when she knows that her friends and family won’t judge her for being the person she wants to be.


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