How To Tell If You're Depressed, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Things are going to be alright.

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When a gloomy raincloud falls over the belt of the heavens and feelings of sadness and depression linger, each member of the zodiac sign reacts differently.

Instead of trying to figure out why they feel sad, Gemini may be taking out their umbrella with a heavy sigh, manic Aries may be yelling at them to share their umbrella and cursing every raindrop that falls on their head.


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Though Leo may dance in the rain, the Virgo may sit alone quietly, muttering angrily about what sort of nut jobs live among the stars.

This may seem like a mediocre, astrology-based soap opera on daytime television, but you will find as each person handles their sadness differently that it is a living reality


Some may become haughtily aggressive, turning adult road rage into a toddler's epic tantrum. 

Others may remove themselves from their friends and family to pursue a Netflix binge filled with copious amounts of Doritos, Lay's, and more Frito-Lay products.

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To find out how you act when you are sad, based upon your horoscope, the answer (as always) lies beyond the stars, according to astrology.

ARIES (March 21st to April 19th)

Independent, courageous, passionate — the sign of Aries is a bold one. And, their boldness carries over to their sadness as well. Aries are known for becoming incredibly explosive and impulsive when sad.

Because of their sheer aggression, they may seem angry when they are actually sad. As a sad Aries may unleash hell on anyone who crosses their path, it is but an understatement to say that they can be very hard to deal with during their periods of sadness.


In order to avoid any of the other signs getting burned by the hellfire of a sad Aries, it is best if the sign focuses on their passions to channel that anger. It is also important that Aries to practice introspection and understand where their sadness stems from.

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TAURUS (April 20th to May 20th)

The sign of a CEO, the Taurus is known for its responsibility, practicality, and passion. And when an emotion as intense as sadness falls upon them, the self-sufficient sign seeks no one but themselves to take responsibility for it.


The Taurus often withdraws from their social circles to cope with their emotions on their own. Though a very patient sign, a sad Taurus may have a testy temper every so often; however, it pales in comparison to Aries' notorious fits of rage.

A sad Taurus may also find that their sleeping and eating patterns become irregular. While the Taurus may insist that they can deal with their emotions by themselves, talking with others about their emotions has proved quite useful to the sign.

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GEMINI (May 21st to June 20th)

A strange yet lovable sign, the Gemini are known to be deep thinkers as well as affectionate individuals. Nevertheless, when sad, the Gemini can often become lost in their thoughts, thinking at a much faster rate than usual.


Like the Capricorn, the Gemini's overthinking can cause them to become stuck in their unhappiness and may even lead to a small fit of depression. Like a wounded animal, the Gemini will withdraw from others to ensure their stream of thoughts flows freely.

However, for a sign as thoughtful as this one, it is best to pull the emergency stop on their thinking overdrive. Pursuing relaxing activities like meditation or journaling is a great way for the Gemini to control their thoughts before their thoughts begins to control them.

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Cancer (June 21st to July 22nd)

The loyal Cancer is known for their hyperactive imaginations and ways of persuasion. In moments of sadness, however, their gifts become their curses, often persuading themselves of their eternal sadness by imagining doomsday scenarios.


An emotional sign, the Cancer will feel the emotion of sadness on a particularly deep level. Tears are known to flow at the rapid rate of Niagara Falls when it comes to this sign. In spite of this, the conversationalist Cancer may find solace in communicating with others about their problems and feelings.

Moreover, in order to bring this dream sign back into reality, ground experiences are particularly helpful, such as exploring nature or their religion.

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Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd)

The lionhearted Leo is known for their creativity and passion. Because of this passion, the Leo is unable to cover up their emotions when sad. Their emotional transparency often leads the Leo to be accused of exaggerating.


However, whether it be passions of pleasure or pain, the Leo feels each and every feeling with an incredible intensity. However, being a resilient sign, the Leo can often recover from any period of sadness no matter how profound.

A great way for the sign to cope with sad feelings is to immerse themselves in their art. Reading a book, drawing, or playing music is the Leo's way of scaring away sadness with a mighty roar.

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Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd)

A calm and tranquil sign, the Virgo is known to be the hippie of the zodiac as well as loyal and hardworking. However, a sad Virgo work as the evil twin of its sign, often becoming rash, impatient, and even a little mean.


Like the Capricorn and the Gemini, the Virgo withdraws from others to deal with their emotions by themselves. Disconnecting from others during their moments of sadness can be especially destructive for the sign as that often leads them to engage in actions impulsively.

A prime coping method for the Virgo is to express their emotions through writing, such as journaling or writing a story. Engaging in meditation or prayer may also be beneficial to bring the sign out of their pain and into the present.

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Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd)


The judicial branch of the cosmos, the Libra is known for their sense of morality, justice, and diplomacy. Nevertheless, when experiencing sadness, the mild manners of the sign all but dissipate, leaving them moody and emotionally unstable.

Because they are probably seen as a beacon of positivity in their social circles, the Libra may not want to express their emotions, causing them to bottle up their feelings that later leads to explosive outbursts.

Since the Libra is so uncomfortable with expressing their emotions to others, it is most effective if the sign practices self-care.

This can include meditation, a spa day, or a mini getaway. The Libra should focus on relaxing and coping with their negative emotions.


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Scorpio (October 23rd to November 21st)

Like Aries, the Scorpio is an intense sign teeming with passion, creativity, and determination. A sad Scorpio is all but unbearable for themselves and those around them.

Whether they cope with their sadness through fits of scream-yelling or endless sobbing, the Scorpio does not hide its mood swings, often affecting others while doing so.


However, because of the powerful nature of the Scorpio, they are often able to find the best methods to cope with their sadness in order to move beyond it.

This includes meditation, journaling, creative work, or expressing their emotions to their friends and family.

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Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

A hilarious idealist, the Sagittarius is known for its sharp intellect and unimaginable generosity. Like the Leo, the Sagittarius experiences their emotions on a profound level, often causing their sadness to metamorphose into depression.


It is easy for the Sagittarius to become stuck in a rut. However, due to the resourceful nature of the Sagittarius, they are able to find ways of coping with their sadness within themselves.

Because of this, the Sagittarius does not seek for the comfort of others. Nevertheless, it has been shown that the Sagittarius can benefit tremendously from expressing themselves to a close friend or family member. Receiving quality advice will put this sign on the fast track to happiness.

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Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19th)

Capricorns are signs that embody discipline and control; however, one thing they are unable to control is their sadness.

When sad, Capricorns often let their depressing thoughts get the better of them, feeling pessimistic and even hopeless. Nevertheless, unlike more explosive signs, Capricorns maintain their sadness internally, often causing them to overthink.

The best way Capricorns can deal with their sadness is to express these thoughts to others like a family member or friend. This will get them out of their heads and into their hearts.


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Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th)

An Aquarius is the sign known for its open-mindedness and independence. This independence, however, becomes a problem when they are sad as they often isolate themselves from others.

Similar to the Capricorn, the Aquarius will exchange their sad reality for a world full of dreams inside their head. Talking to an Aquarius about their emotions is completely out of the question.


The best thing a sad Aquarius can do is rather than force themselves to express themselves to others, they can express themselves through creating like writing or drawing.

This will give them an outlet to channel all of those negative emotions festering inside them.

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Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)

The soul of the Pisces is the soul of a compassionate and intelligent artist. Be that as it may, with such an overactive mind, when a Pisces becomes sad, they may relive past trauma and find themselves in sad rut.


Not only will they become pessimistic, they may become lethargic as well. With such an independent spirit like the Pisces, it is best if they deal with their sadness through self-care to bring themselves out of the gutters and into the sunshine.

Engaging in their art, meditation, or journaling are great ways for the Pisces to cope with their sadness and move beyond it.

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