5 Zodiac Signs Who Will Make An Enemy Out Of You

Even being frenemies is too nice for them.

5 Zodiac Signs Who Will Make An Enemy Out Of You, According To Astrology pexels

Believe it or not you can be born to make enemies, and I don't mean that you do something wrong.



This is usually because they can turn into the Hulk when they’re angry, but it can also be for other reasons. 

There are simply some zodiac signs out there that, even when they’re in a good mood, can still be pretty scary. Apparently, in addition to particular personality traits that drive enemy-making behavior, there are similarities in zodiac sign traits as well.

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For example, there are 8 serial killers born under the Aries zodiac sign, some with nearly 50 victims before getting caught. 12 were Gemini and the most notorious serial killer, Wayne “The Atlanta Child Killer” Williams claimed 23-29 victims, and guess what horoscope sign John Wayne “The Clown Killer” Gacy, had? Pisces.


He is reported to have 33-34 victims by the time he was caught. Meanwhile, you how people often think Virgo is super critical, there are 10 major serial killers with that zodiac sign, too. 

I’ve always felt that the zodiac signs who are the scariest are the ones who won’t hesitate to cut you out of their lives if you wrong them.

I mean, of course they’re not going to want to keep being your friend if you’ve hurt them or betrayed them, but they tend to take their change of feelings about you to a whole other level.


Instead of just fighting with you or shrugging it off and making up with you because they hate the confrontation, some zodiac signs want to make sure you know just how upset they really are.

I would want someone to know how upset I am too if I were hurt by my best friend or my partner.

But these astrological signs will make you an enemy the minute they realize that you’re not exactly who they thought you were.

And they won't be anything less than brutal about it.

Take Scorpio, for example. Scorpio is one of the most loyal zodiac signs you will ever meet, but she expects you to be loyal, too (otherwise, what kind of relationship is that, right?).


But instead of trying to figure out what went wrong with your dynamic, she’s the type of sign to not only cut you out of her life but make every mutual person you know cut you out of their lives, as well — or she’ll at least try.

But to her, betrayal is something she can never forgive or forget. So, she feels like she has no choice but to make you an enemy.

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But Scorpio is on the extreme end of this friends and enemies scale.

There are definitely a few other signs who feel the way she does — just maybe not as intensely – and others who are willing to give it another shot with you.


But even if you’re dealing with a frenemy, don’t forget that some part of them still sees you as their enemy.

And while some zodiac signs might be able to relate with Scorpio’s ability to make enemies left and right, they still have their own reasons for making you an enemy of their own.



My point is, there are some zodiac signs who will make an enemy of you, based on their horoscope, because they will make you wish you never crossed them.

And even if you apologize to them, they might NEVER forgive you — so good luck dealing with these zodiac signs when they decide you’re now the enemy, according to astrology.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Aries has a fiery temper that you do NOT want to cross. Unfortunately for you, his temper is also pretty unpredictable and can flare up at any time. So, just because it might feel like you can get away with saying just about anything to an Aries, he might just turn around and make you forget it — and fast.


And don’t believe anyone who says Aries is laid back and chill because he’s really the complete opposite. When Aries isn’t getting along with someone, he will make it known without beating around the bush. If you’re his enemy, you will know it, believe me.

He isn’t a sign to consider revenge when you’ve hurt him, but he will cut you out of his life quickly and efficiently. When you’re an enemy of Aries, you’re an enemy of his for life.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini is quick when it comes to deciding whether he hates you or loves you. He might change his opinion about someone a hundred times in one week, but instead of letting the opinions of others stop him from listening to his gut, it makes Gemini feel better to go with what his head is telling him — which means he might be your friend one week and your enemy the next.


Of course, when Gemini does make an enemy out of you, he’s quick to look for revenge. He doesn’t like being hurt or embarrassed, and he definitely doesn’t like being wrong about people, so expect him to start talking bad about you behind your back (or even to your face) once he decides that being your enemy is the way he wants to go. Don’t put it past Gemini to be petty when making enemies.

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Leo loves being friends with everyone — heck, even with friends of friends — but he will still cut you off from good times and popularity (secondhand from him, of course) if you become enemies. That said, Leo is pretty good at keeping his professional and personal lives separate and he’s more likely to make enemies in his career than in his squad.


For Leo, making enemies is just business. If he wants that promotion with a corner office or a raise that only one employee can get, then yeah, he’s going to do whatever it takes to get that raise.

He isn’t always a dirty player once you’re his enemy, but it can happen, so watch out. Really, though, he just wants the recognition he feels he deserves for his hard work and show everyone that making enemies is just part of the job.

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo takes a lot of pride in being the best friend you’ve always wanted. And when a Virgo loves you and cares about you, then you know that your friendship with him is probably going to last forever — Virgo doesn’t mess around when it comes to showing off his love for someone.


That said, he also believes that friendships should be based on respect and the fastest way to disrespect him is to not make an effort. When Virgo realizes that he’s been doing all the work – grabbing you coffee in the morning, listening to you vent about your problems — he’s first and foremost hurt.

But he’s also done with you for GOOD. Virgo can tolerate a lot of things but being walked all over is not one of them. If you hurt him, then you can guarantee that you’ll become an enemy of his. And it’ll take a lot of groveling to get him back in your good graces.

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio is all about making tight bonds that last with the people that are most important to him in life. When a Scorpio lets you into the innermost parts of his life, it means you’re probably going to stay around for good.


That said, opening up and being vulnerable is not an easy thing for Scorpio to do, so don’t be surprised if he seems to be a little bit cautious around you at times. What makes him so cautious is that he’s trying to determine how trustworthy you are.

Scorpio is a fierce friend and one slip up could make him an enemy of yours for life. And because he’s such an intense person in general, a scorned Scorpio is someone who will make you suffer (emotionally, that is) for making him have to move you from the friend category to the enemy one — and yes, it is all your fault.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius is a pretty optimistic person in almost any situation, so it isn’t very easy for him to turn on you and make you an enemy. That said, Sagittarius knows that he has some flaws — like everyone — than can sometimes get in the way of him making good decisions.


But he also knows that a true friend wouldn’t fault him for his flaws no matter what. With that in mind, the easiest way to make Sagittarius an enemy is to call him out on his weaknesses or flaws without caring how it makes him feel to hear it.

Sagittarius isn’t all that sensitive, but knowing that the only person whose opinion he probably cares about feels this way about him can sting. And being the fire sign that he is, Sagittarius isn’t going to go down without a fight.

He’s the kind of person to make you instantly regret making an enemy of because chances are, you’ll never get to see the carefree side of him again – he’ll turn ice cold on you… permanently.

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