How Plogging — The Newest Workout Trend — Became The Most Popular (And Earth-Friendly) Way To Lose Weight


Jogging has just become a lot more than healthy — it is now helpful. Thanks to plogging, that is.

What is plogging exactly? Plogging is the new craze, a combination of jogging and "plocka" (the Swedish word for "to pick"). Quite literally, you are picking up trash and waste as you jog. 


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Talk about multi-tasking! Not only are you doing some good for your health by getting your body moving, but you are doing good for your community by trying to make it a more beautiful place to live

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The idea  started in Sweden and has grown to see a lot more popularity. So popular, in fact, that there are even now plogging groups in Sweden.

Anna Christopherson is a 43-year-old Swede who runs one of the first plogging groups. "It's good for both the environment and ourselves. It's very good for the body to combine running with squatting to lift rubbish," she says.

Plogging has been getting a little competitive as well... in a good way.

People are getting motivated and are extremely excited to be a part of such a healthy new fitness regimen. The lifting is not by any means easy, so getting out of breath within a few minutes is not unheard of. It doesn't take long for your bags to be filled up with trash. Onlookers may be a bit confused at first but probably impressed. 

People are beginning to circulate their own sort of spins on plogging, getting parkour involved or some circuit training peppered in here and there. You can go the extra mile and make your workout even harder by running extra distances or taking a couple of trips to clean up a specific trash pile. 

And plogging has made its way to the United States. Late last month, the first plogging group that was brought together by the app Meetup held their first event in Denver. Tons of people came out with enthusiasm and showed their support by participating. 

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You don't have to be part of a group to plog, either. All around the world, joggers are turning their daily jogs into plogs by helping to clean up trash in their communities. It is surprising how much you don't even see when you are running. If you didn't notice trash on the ground before, you will now. 

By doing this prevention now, we can ensure that the environment will not be reduced in the future. It may seem too far in advance to even care about, but it is closer than you think. Plus, you have family who is going to be born into this world; shouldn't we make it clean and beautiful to live in? 


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Plogging goes hand in hand with another trend cause by Swedish phrases. "Lagom" is a practice that has grown to be increasingly popular. It translates to "not too little, not too much" or "just right." It's a new way of thinking and is meant to be a philosophical and peaceful way to live your life.

One of the ways you practice lagom is by performing random acts of kindness. And plogging is the perfect example of just that. 

With each sweaty forehead and heavy pant, there is a lot of good done for your city. Getting trash cleaned up on the side of the road doesn't seem like a big deal at first, but when you see how clean it truly can make a city, there is no doubt that it is impressive. 

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