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What Your Pregnancy Due Date Predicts About Your Baby's Personality, According To Astrology For Each Zodiac Sign

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What Your Pregnancy Due Date Predicts About Your Baby's Personality, According To Astrology

Can astrology help you to predict your future relationship with your baby before your child is born? Once you know your baby's due date, you start making all types of associations.

From day the baby will be born to time of day for the scheduled delivery, if you're having a C-section, you wonder who that day will impact your child's outlook on life.

If you have a gentle pregnancy, you wonder if your baby will be less fussy. If you're experiencing a lot of nausea, you might wonder if your child has a full head of hair or will be colicky.

Parenting is the hardest full-time job a person can have in their life, and of course, you'll want to know everything there is about your job before your baby arrives. 

Knowing a bit about your child's zodiac sign and placement in astrology can help you get a head start on that job, especially if your are headstrong and wonder if your personalities are compatible or headed to clash.

You'll know how to prepare. 

Being a parent means instant love, but it's also never ending, lessons. Understandably, a mom and dad would like to prepare for their new parenting role by reading up on different child-rearing tips and discipline strategies.

There’s advice for each topic in all category of your child’s life. Some child-rearing advice are backed by scientific research and others are passed down through family tradition by well-meaning grandparents and relatives.

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The best part of the honeymoon period of pregnancy for expectant parents is imagining your child’s personality. Everyone who wants children is curious to know how their children will behave, so you're not alone.

You never know for sure if they’ll be your mini-me or the complete opposite of you. 

One of the ways to figure out what your child will be like and how they will relate to you is by looking at their potential zodiac sign.

So, as an expectant parent read up on different factors that affect your child’s personality and what you can do to shape them into healthy, happy, good natured adults.

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Scroll down and read through your baby’s description to have an idea of what they will be like, according to astrology.

And, if you already are a parent, you can find out about your child's personality here, too. Just scroll down to see if the personality description for your child fits them!

1. ARIES (March 21-April 19)

Aries children are the wooorssstt (kidding!). I have an Aries brother and so I know they can be a handful for any parent. Your Aries kid will be the competitive and hardheaded kind of person.

You would do well putting them in a sport to spend some of that innate fuel and having them attend a class on compassion...or two. Don’t be surprised if you start noticing that they don’t sleep easily or need constant stimulation.

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2. TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

This is that kid stubborn enough to teach others how to pronounce their names wrong just because it sounds better wrong. These children will need their routine from the get-go. Your stubborn Taurean child might give you trouble at first.

But, they should love their routine once it gets set. Make sure to provide a lot of comfort and security so they can be set for the rest of their childhood.

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3. GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

If you’re child is born under this sign, fasten your seat belt. It’ll be a wild eighteen years with this rebellious kid. Your Gemini will be the fun wild child and you’ll notice it when they don’t adhere to a schedule or when they openly defy your expectations. You’ll love them but you won’t always like them. Just go with it.

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4. CANCER  (June 21-July 22)

Your Cancerian baby will be...a baby. Forever. This is the sweet baby you’ll love to have in your arms because they have an easy temperament and never give you too much trouble. As they grow older, their softness shouldn’t change.

They’ll be homebodies who help you out, specifically with cooking/baking. 

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5. LEO (July 23-August 22)

Baby, party of one, arrives and you can rest assured that you’ll never rest again. From the moment they are born, they have everyone’s attention and they learn to thrive off of it. They need your constant stimulation and a lot of affection but they’re less soft than a Cancerian child.

It’s more so that they just love entertaining. Give these drama kings and queens what they need without enabling superficiality.

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6. VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

If your baby is a Virgo, then you can rest a little easier than Leo’s parents. Your Virgo child should be well-behaved and more orderly in their life areas than other kids act.

But, they are stubborn and critical. This is a child who quickly learns to show their disapproval of what’s been set out for them.

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7. LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

Parents of Libra children are beyond lucky. Libra children tend to have a strong moral compass. They may not always do as you wish, but that’s only when it’s in conflict with what they believe or think.

You can rest assured, though, that they always consider all their options before committing to one course of action. Plus, they’re soft and gentle like Cancerian children.

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8. SCORPIO  (October 23-November 21)

My mother never knew that by allowing me to enter into an emo phase, I really was beginning a lifelong commitment. Yes, we’re those annoying kids who loved listening to Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne...on repeat.

On the bright side, and yes there’s still a bright side with us Scorpio children, you get a pretty smart, really tough, sort of bitter cookie. We’re intense, sarcastic leaders from the get-go.

But, we’re more sensitive than Leo. So, just parent your little Scorpio in a way that encourages their agency and sharpens their critical thinking skills.

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9. SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

This is another vibrant child. They have Aries’ fire, Gemini’s vitality, and Leo’s love for life. You’ll notice it when they become mobile and start finding new ways to create noise in the house. For this child, it’s important to raise them with a balance of a social life and academic life.

Perhaps, have them join a team sport so that they can show off, spend energy, and learn the value of collaboration as these are independent little ones.

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10. CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)

These are the old souls. They’re surprisingly wise beyond their years. You’ll notice right away that they aren’t fussy if you have a set schedule for them. They play it a lot safer than other children. Your one issue with this sort of child is getting them to try something new. 

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11. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18)

Lovely Aquarius should be an easygoing baby. They shouldn’t be highly irritable or aggressive. However, you’ll always find them up to some weird stuff. And, although they care about people a lot, they will always challenge anyone when need be. This is only because they love people and want the best future for them. 

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12. PISCES (February 19 to March 20)

These are sensitive children. My second brother is definitely the sentimental type. He’s freakishly good at comforting people and understanding the intentions behind their actions.

He does, however, have his moments where he loses his temper. As for your Pisces baby, expect to see a full range of emotions as they grow older and a normal amount of fuss.

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