No, A 2-Year-Old Doesn't Need A Personal Trainer For God's Sake

Kim Kardashian's hired a personal trainer for her toddler. Because of course she did.

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Kim Kardashian has (allegedly) hired a personal trainer for her daughter, North.

Yes, you read that correctly: Kim Kardashian has supposedly hired a personal trainer for her 2-year-old.  

In what world is that OK? Two years old is way too young to have a personal trainer. North may be potty training, but she doesn't need to be weight-training at this age. Don't kids naturally workout? Isn't that called playing?


If Kim wants to make sure that her child is getting enough exercise, shouldn't she be taking North to Gymboree and Mommy and Me classes, so they can exercise together in a fun environment? At this age, just moving her legs and arms together is probably pretty challenging for North.

Hiring a personal trainer for your toddler is just wrong. What's next, Botox? A personal stylist? Why not hire Bobby Flay to make all of North's baby food?

According to, the milestones that North should be accomplishing are walking alone, pulling toys behind her, carrying toys, learning to run, standing on tiptoes, kicking a ball, climbing onto and down from furniture unassisted, and mastering the stairs. 


There's no mention of bench pressing her own weight or running on the treadmill while a trainer screams at her to move her lazy ass.

I'm not an internationally famous reality star, so I don't know her life. But 2 years old seems a little young to already be pressuring her daughter about working out and exercising. 

According to Perez Hilton, "She has one of her guys work out with North at the end of her session, once or twice a week. They teach her fun stuff like stretches and other basic aerobics, nothing strenuous."

It may not be baby-bootcamp, but it's still a forced physical fitness. North isn't doing something that's self-motivated and will help her develop at her own speed.


The reason behind the emphasis on physical fitness is still alarming. Perez Hilton says, "[Kim] wants [North] to be a perfect physical specimen, and she thinks it's perfectly normal to want to get North in shape at such an early age."

Perfect physical specimen? That sounds super creepy, especially if that's Kim's reason for hiring a personal trainer.

Aren't all babies perfect and in shape, and aren't two of the traits of baby-adorableness chubby cheeks and thighs? Here's a suggestion: why not love your child unconditionally, Kim?

I get that childhood obesity is a problem, but it's a little early to be so concerned about health and weight that you hire a personal trainer. I think Kim is putting some of her own body issues on her baby, and that isn't fair to North. Instead of paying someone to train North, Kim needs to stop trying to impose her grown-up way of doing things and just let her kid be a kid.


I know parents who required that their children did something physical every day. But it started when their kids were actually kids, not babies, and the parents participated in working out with them; they didn't just hand them over to a personal trainer.

There will always be parents who force their kids to grow up too fast and it's really a shame. 

There's plenty of time to put North on an exercise regimen. For now, why not let her play dress-up and carry a teddy bear instead of doing aerobics to get her heart rate up while her personal trainer collects a paycheck?