The 12 Best-Selling Books Of 2017 To Read In 2018

Stop scrolling through social media and dig into a best-selling book instead.

Book Of The Month: 12 Best Books Of 2017 To Read In 2018 Instead Of Scrolling Social Media

When is the last time you read a really really good book? Of course, finding the time to read a book seems impractical, so many people scroll social media instead. Which is unfortunate —reading a good book is a luxury you should make time to afford.

So instead of opening your cell phone to watch cat videos, why not look to the 12 best-selling books of 2017 to dive into this year?



Everyone need a book that you just can't put down and think about constantly when leaving the house. One where you feel sad but satisfied when you got to the last page because you finally have answers... but now the story is over.

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One where you can't help but have your friends borrow the book just so you can have some people to discuss it with. 

Well, if you just read the last paragraph and got excited just thinking about a good ol' read then you are in luck! We have got a list for you that will make your reading urges scream with happiness.


So get your bookmark and comfy blanket ready because you are going to be curled up while being transported to another world with any of these stories. Reading is an amazing way to stay entertained and amused any time of the day.

Sure social media is a great way to pass time, but aren't book way more interesting?

If you said no then you need to read better books because they SO are.


Books have a way of transporting you into another reality, that aren't just good for your health, but you're imagination, too. You are able to find new stories filled with love, mystery, action, magic and a ton of notable characters. 

Whether its a series or stand-alone books are able to captivate you more than television and movies ever could. They are way more personal because you create the story in your own head.


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You imagine the world and characters through the descriptions given but with your own personal twist on them.

The story becomes the most exciting movie you have ever seen and you are the sole member of the audience. What can be more captivating than that?

Here are the 12 best books to read instead of scrolling social media, and we've ranked 12 so you can pace yourself, one book per month!

1. The Mistress by Danielle Steel 

NY Times Bestseller, January 2017


Natasha Leonova was discovered and saved while starving on the streets in Moscow by billionaire Vladimir Stanislas. For years she lives in luxury under his protection but does not know exactly what work he does or too much else about his life.

Her job is to keep him happy with no questions asked and she happily obliges. Theo Luca is the son of a wealthy deceased painter Lorenzo Luca. Lorenzo has left his widow Maylis and Theo a fortune in artwork that they refuse to sell.

Maylis keeps the paintings in her restaurant as decorations and treats them as if they were on display in a museum. Theo lays eyes on Natasha one night and Vladimir discovers Lorenzo's paintings and two obsessions begin.

Theo who is also a skilled artist begins to paint Natasha and falls in love with her. But Natasha is cautious to not anger Vladimir by even thinking about a life outside of him.


As his mistress, she must be careful especially with his dark side, but Theo’s love begins to grow stronger and stronger. The Mistress will grip you from beginning to end and have you interested right up until the last sentence. 

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2. Right Behind You by Lisa Gardner 

NY Times Bestseller, February 2017


Eight years ago Sharlah May Nash’s father is beaten and killed with a baseball bat by her older brother to save both of their lives. Flash-forward to the future and Sharlah is now thirteen years old and adopted by FBI profiler Pierce Quincy and his Partner Rainie Conner.

Sharlah is happy and comfortable living with her new family. However, everything changes when a call comes in about a double homicide that could potentially have been committed by Sharlah’s older brother. Telly Ray Nash.

They seem to believe that he could just be getting started. Quincy and Rainie work around the clock to try and get answers and figure out why after all this time he has started to kill again. Sharlah is also conflicted, yes her brother has killed before but it was to protect her.

She has always viewed him as heroic but does he have a more sinister side? Right Behind You will have you guessing right up until the end and you will be on the edge of your seat the whole time. 


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3. Heartbreak Hotel by Johnathan Kellerman

NY Times Bestseller, March 2017

Psychologist Alex Deware normally treats children, but he gets a call from one hundred-year-old Thalia Mars. She meets with him in a suite in a luxury hotel with an interesting past.

Thalia wants answers to some interesting and a few sinister questions involving criminal behavior and patterns of guilt. Alex is intrigued and inquirers as to why she has such a fascination and Thalis promises to answer his questions in their next session.


But that never happens; because when Alex returns Thalia is dead. Alex teams up with homicide detective Milo Sturgis and together to investigate the interesting and elusive life of Thalia.

There are secrets and dark twists in her life and it begins to get a bit violent and messy when they delve deeper into it. The answers are a bit more sinister than they originally anticipated.

Heartbreak Hotel is a creative, dark, and interesting read that you will not stop thinking about, you will definitely not be able to put this book down once you start! 

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4. The Chosen by J.R. Ward


NY Times Bestseller, April 2017

Xcor is the leader of the Band of Bastards and he is convicted of one of the worst crimes possible in their land; treason against the Blind King. The Black Dagger Brotherhood take it upon themselves to interrogate and torture Xcor.

Xcor accepts his fate but still harbors one major regret in his life. He lost a woman who was never even actually his; the Chosen Layla. Layla is the only one who can save Xcor, but revealing what she knows about Xcor’s heritage and noble sacrifice would cause a lot of danger for herself and her young. Her life and everything she cares about would be destroyed.

She must summon up her courage and turn against the only man she has ever loved and his family. An old dangerous enemy returns to Caldwell and the identity of a new Deity is revealed causing havoc and ensuring that nothing and no one is actually safe.


The Black Dagger Brotherhood makes sure of that. The Chosen is an intriguing and gripping read that you will be thinking about even after you finish the book. You will surely want to let your friends borrow this book so you can discuss it together. 

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5. Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

NY Times Bestseller, May 2017 - June 2017


There is a river of water that they call the Drowning Pool. At the beginning of the summer, a young teenage girl ends up dead at the bottom of the river and a few months later single mother Nel meets the same fate.

Nel leaves behind her young teenage daughter who must now be cared for by Nel’s sister Jules. Jules had vowed never to return to that place but her sister’s death has made that impossible now.

Jules is struggling with old memories and secrets and the fact that she didn't’t answer her phone when her sister called on the night that she died. She becomes very afraid and with good reason too, because the drowning pool is a lot more mysterious and sinister then you could even imagine.

Into The Water is a story that will leave you immensely surprised and interested. The whole book is captivating with a story that never stops twisting and turning. If you loved Paula Hawkins first book The Girl on The Train then you will not be disappointed! 


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6. Camino Island by John Grisham 

NY Times Bestseller, June 2017- July 2017

A gang of thieves’ loots a vault underneath Princeton University’s Firestone Library, the items they steal are priceless but the University has ensured it for over twenty million dollars.

Down south in the resort town of Santa Rosa on Camino Island in Florida Bruce Cable owns a popular bookstore. But where he makes his bread and butter is in the rare bookselling business.


He keeps this side to his selling a secret from most people. Mercer Mann is a young writer of novels with a bit of writer's block who has recently been laid off from his teaching job.

She feels down on her luck but that changes when she is approached by an elusive woman with a mysterious business. Being motivated by a large sum of cash Mercer goes undercover to infiltrate Bruce’s rare book underground dealings.

Her job is to get close enough to him to learn his secrets. But eventually, Mercer begins to realize that she might be in over her head and things begin to get a bit out of control. Camino Island is a perfect read if you are looking for a new fresh book to be totally captivated by. 

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7. House of Spies by Daniel Silva 

NY Times Bestseller, July 2017

Four months after the tragic events of 9/11 another terrorist plot promises to leave a trail of chaos and terror in London’s West End. The attack plan is complicated with many layers and promises to leave a large scale of morbid calamity.

But there is one hitch in the blueprints. Gabriel Allon and his team are led to the south of France and at the doorstep of one of the wealthiest men on the planet; Jean Luc-Martel and his companion Olivia Watson.


Olivia worked as a successful model and her beauty has not faded at all. Olivia turns a blind eye to the true source of Martel’s fortune and he returns the favor on her involvement with a man whose sole purpose is to wreak havoc and destroy the west.

However when Gabriel shows up the pair becomes an unlikely pair of heroes against the war on terror. If you were intrigued by 2016’s bestseller by Daniel Silva The Black Widow then House of Spies will surely be right up your alley and it will leave you immersed right up until you finish reading. 

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8. Any Dream Will Do by Debbie Macomber 


NY Times Bestseller, August 2017

Benson will do anything to protect her younger brother Caden. Even get into dangerous situations with shady men who he owes money to. Now trying to put her murky past into the past and find a place to stay.

One cold night she wanders into a church to get warm. The pastor there Drew Douglas is a widow who’s whole world is his two children and the church that he works at. He finds Shay sitting in a pew one night and the pair begins a friendship.

The friendship begins to grow into something more and blooms into something romantic.  Drew’s children love Shay as well and the whole family becomes very close with her.  Shay is very happy with her new life and proves herself as a formidable woman to her new community as well.


However when Caden returns to town things become a bit hairy and disastrous. Shay has worked so hard on rebuilding her life she must really summon the courage to try and keep her life that way and have faith that she and Drew will have a promising future together.

Any Dream Will Do is heartwarming but will have you at the edge of your seat the whole time. This is not a book you will want to miss out on. 

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9. Glass Houses by Louise Penny


NY Times Bestseller, September 2017

A mysterious figure appears in Three Pines one day and the villagers are curious as to who this could be. Armand Gamache and the rest then become wary when the figure remains unmoved and stares ahead through rain and snow, never faltering.

Gamache who is the Chief Superintendent of the village can do nothing but watch and wait and hope the fears that he has will not be met. One night the figure vanishes and a body is discovered and Gamache is confused as to what has occurred and if this means the end of the elusive dark figure.


Months later Gamache struggles with guilt over the actions that had occurred that past November. Will he be convicted on his actions or will there be an explanation to the whole mysterious ordeal? Glass Houses  is an interesting read and unlike any story out there, buckle up because it is a nail biter. 

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10. Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King


NY Times Bestseller, October 2017

In the near future, there is a strange occurrence that happens when women go to sleep, they become shrouded in a cocoon-like gauze. If anything happens while they are in this shroud or if it is damaged in any way consequences are grave.

The women become violent and ruthless. As the women sleep they are transported to another place while back on earth the men are left to fend for themselves. The primal instincts of human nature start to take over.

There is one woman however that has seemed to evade this phenomenon. Evie has avoided falling into the cocoon that all of the other women have been victim to. Is she an extremely lucky medical miracle?


Or is there something way darker and sinister going on with her. Sleeping Beauties is twisted but in the best way possible. If you are a Stephen King fan then you will be very pleased with his latest story. 

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11. The Midnight Line by Lee Child

NY Times Bestseller, November 2017

While on a stroll through town Reacher stops at the window at a pawn shop and something catches his eye. It's a women's West Point class ring from years ago and Reacher is surprised and concerned that she would give this up.
Also being a West Point graduate he knows just how strenuous achieving one of those rings is. He becomes enthralled into figuring out why the ring is there and plans to find the women using her initials engraved on the ring.
Reacher travels through the midwest encountering colorful characters all along the way. The more information Reacher gets the darker this story becomes and he begins to realize there is a more sinister undertone as to why the ring was given up.
The journey leads him to a criminal enterprise and a whole lot of chaos. The Midnight Line is a unique story with a lot of action and mystery packed in. You will not be able to put this one down.

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12. The People Vs. Alex Cross by James Patterson

NY Times Bestseller, December 2017

Alex Cross is a cop who has been branded a trigger-happy screw-up who has been accused of murder. Alex will do almost anything to fix his reputation. To try and make his life better and mean something again he opens up a counseling office in his basement.


When his former partner Sampson comes asking for his help Alex is very eager to oblige. However, it may cost him the end of his career. A string of young blonde women begin to go missing and Cross and Sampson delve into the darkest parts of the internet world.

Cross sees this opportunity to clear his name and help save innocent women but he must accomplish it all before it is too late. The consequences if not are deadly.

The People Vs. Alex Cross is a great book to read if you are looking for one that is exciting and will always keep you guessing. You will not be disappointed.

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