What You Value Most, According To Your Enneagram Personality Type

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Even the most self-aware person on the planet can only know themselves up to a point. We go to therapy, we can journal, we can practice extreme honesty, but figuring out who we really are can be tough to do, especially if it means potentially having to confront something we don't like about ourselves. Who wants to do that, right? 

That said, the mysteries of our personalities and the role they play in our daily lives is something that fascinates people. That's basically why personality tests exist, specifically, an enneagram test. Some are more accurate than others, and in my opinion if you want real accuracy and results that resonate with you, there's only one personality test worth taking: the enneagram personality test.

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Since the 1950s people have turned to the enneagrams to get insight into themselves and how they relate to others, and how those things impact every sphere of their lives from work to social life to play. 

Enneagram personality tests divide people into 9 distinct types based on how you relate to others and how you handle conflict. If you want to learn what your enneagram personality type is, click here and take this quiz first. Once you've done that, see what your core values are according to your enneagram type. 

The Reformer

You are a rational idealist. You have principles you live by, and for you, nothing matters quite the way that perfect does. 

If you are The Reformer personality type, the thing you value the most in other people is that they have a set of values that drive their course in life. It doesn't have to be something you agree with, but you can't help but respect people who are goal-oriented and passionate about the personal beliefs that inform their lives. 

The Helper

You're generous and loving, so much so it's kind of unbelievable. You're the person in every room most likely to be confused for an actual living stuffed animal — you live for cuddles and imparting joy. 

If you are The Helper personality type, your possessive nature could be keeping you from lasting love. Just because you give your all to the people you love, that doesn't mean they aren't entitled to have their own lives. Try your best to remember that independence is healthy and normal in relationships, and just because your lover has a life outside of you that doesn't mean they don't want you in theirs! 

The Achiever

You are a born planner, but you're anything but Type A. You live for the twists and turns life throws you, because you can adapt to them in a trice.  

If you are The Achiever personality type, your core values are informed by presentation. You aren't a shallow person, not in the least. It just so happens that you think that any person worth knowing will understand that in order to connect with other people you are obligated to dress for success. 

The Individualist

You feel like an outsider in every room that you enter. You know it sounds dramatic (because you usually sound dramatic) but you can't help. You are unique, you are special, and after a life of being this way, you know that most folks aren't on your wavelength. 

If you are The Individualist personality type, you value honesty and rebelliousness above everything else. It's too easy to go through life following the crowd and doing what you're supposed to do. You respect people who question authority and refuse to settle for the norm. 

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The Investigator

Look out, the nerd squad is here! Just kidding, you're not necessarily a nerd, you're just a person who is passionate about knowledge.

If you are The Investigator personality type, your obsession with acquiring knowledge can mean that you spend a lot of time on your own. If you don't learn how to balance your social life with your quest for information, you risk missing out on love in a serious way. 

The Loyalist

If you got this result, you're definitely the mother hen of your friend group. You were probably the mother hen of your friend group when you were still in diapers! You're a devoted, resourceful, and you guessed it, loyal friend. 

If you are The Loyalist personality type, your core values are responsibility. If you meet someone and they make you feel safe, that's a rare thing, even rarer if you want to let them hang around your beloved friends. For you, a person who looks before they leaps, adheres to a curfew, and doesn't run with scissors is the epitome of what you value. 

The Enthusiast

When you walk into the room the party truly starts. You don't even have to be "on," either, because your natural impulse is to seek out adventure, to have fun and to inspire it in every single person that you meet. 

If you are The Enthusiast personality type, you value freedom above everything else. You prefer to live life your way, and in order for to do that, you need the freedom to fly off and exploring your arbitrary whims. Even seeing birds in changes makes you droop. In your perfect world, no one and nothing would ever be bound by societal constraints. 

The Challenger

You are a lion emerging from the underbrush. You don't need to run after your prey, you don't need to roar to be intimidating (though it doesn't stop you when you deem it necessary. You are powerful, unafraid to speak your mind, and when conflict arises, you rise to the challenge. 

If you are The Challenger personality type, you value blunt honesty. Life is too damn short to waste it being political or nice to everyone you meet. You would much rather someone tell it like it is rather than try to spare your feelings. People who behave this way immediately get your respect, and that's a rare thing indeed. 

The Peacemaker

You are humble, self-effacing, and easy to be around, even if sometimes you are the living embodiment of the shrug emoji. It's not that you don't care about anything, it's that you are at your happiest when you are just going with the flow. 

If you are The Peacemaker enneagram personality type, you value people with strong opinions who know how to take charge. You value assertiveness and confidence, not necessarily because they are things you lack, but because these two things are often the vehicles required to help you on to your next adventure. Without people motivated by these things you would be lost! 

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