10 Romantic Books To Make You Believe In Love Again (When You've All Lost Hope)

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By Ashley Johnson

It’s easy to lose hope in finding love after heartbreak, a horrific date or even a round of swiping gone wrong. If you’re currently looking for a love life pick-me-up, we’ve come up with the 10 newest books that will restore your faith in love.

Whether you're in the mood to read about hunky small town vets or badass mail-order brides, these are some of the best romance novels and new releases that will make the perfect Valentine’s dates, no awkward follow-up text required.

1. Things to Do When It's Raining by Marissa Stapley

Dawson’s Creek just celebrated a major anniversary (20 years!), and if you’re still pining for the days of Joey and Pacey, then the story of Mae Summers’ return to her childhood home (and love) is the fix you need.

As Mae watches her life come crashing down, she finds herself single, unemployed and faced with only one option: go back home. Arriving in Alexandria Bay, she’ll be shocked by her grandmother’s worsening dementia and her grandfather’s absence.

Just as she begins coming to terms with the current state of her family, she’ll find her first love, Gabe, back in their small tourist town trying to pick up the pieces of his life too. Despite harmful secrets and their difficult pasts, Mae and Gabe will reconnect in the hope of mending their families and rekindling their love.

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2. The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

In this charming debut, Drew Nichols can’t fathom the idea of attending his ex’s wedding alone, but upon meeting Alexa on an elevator during a power outage, he’ll find that his plus one is standing right in front of him. Posing as Drew’s girlfriend, the two will realize their feelings for each other by the end of the wedding even though a long-distance relationship isn’t something either of them is ready for.

With their high-profile jobs keeping them apart, will Drew and Alexa stay in their respective places or will their electric connection be enough to convince them both to give up their careers and be together?   

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3. Match Made in Manhattan by Amanda Stauffer

The New York City singles scene is taken by storm in Amanda Stauffer’s debut novel, Match Made in Manhattan. Alison refuses to let two failed relationships keep her down and opts for a modern way of finding a man: dating apps.

After a run of nightmarish dates and a cast of outlandish suitors, Alison is ready to give up on finding love once and for all when she meets Luke. He’s everything she could want in a man and as the two grow closer, she knows she wants to be with him, but in a world where you have hundreds of options at your fingertips, she can’t be sure he’s ready to take the next step with her.

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4. Still Me by Jojo Moyes

Jojo Moyes, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Me Before You, brings readers back into the life of beloved character Louisa Clark in her newest novel. Louisa is confident that she can keep her relationship going with Ambulance Sam as she moves thousands of miles away to pursue a new job.

Working for a rich couple has its perks but as Louisa begins mixing with New York’s high society, she’ll run into complications that will threaten her road to self-discovery and her new relationship. Overwhelmed by secrets and a new man, Louisa will have to decide what she wants out of life and who she wants to spend it with.

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5. Dreaming in Chocolate by Susan Bishop Crispell

In this new romance novel, two lost lovers will be brought back together under unexpected and magical circumstances.

Noah left Penelope nine years ago, unaware that she was pregnant with his child, but now that he’s back in town, he can’t help but grieve the relationship that could have been. Meanwhile, Penelope can’t get over the feeling that she should tell him about their daughter, Ella, whose final wish is to get a father.

Given that her daughter only has six months to live, Penelope will have to quickly decide whether or not to tell Noah the truth as she knows she can’t survive him breaking her heart again.

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6. An Unsuitable Match by Joanna Trollope

The perfect book for fans of chick lit and romance novels, Joanna Trollope’s newest release tackles remarrying late in life.

Rose and Tyler have fallen in love at 64 and despite their happiness together, their children have a hard time accepting their forthcoming marriage. Having both been through difficult first marriages, the two lovers will have to come to terms with their own relationship and take into account their children’s concerns.

A story filled with plenty of family drama and a unique romance, An Unsuitable Match is the realistic love story readers of all ages will fall for.

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7. The Summer of New Beginnings by Bette Lee Crosby

The Briggs sisters are the complete opposite of one another, and in The Summer of New Beginnings, they’ll both find themselves looking for a new start. Putting her career on hold, Meghan takes on her dad’s business after his death but when she stumbles upon a lost puppy, she’ll have to find a way resist both the dog’s charm and the advances of the attractive new vet.

In the meantime, Tracy is trying to recover from the fallout of her last relationship and adjusting to the reality of being a single mother. Both facing their own struggles of love and belonging, the sisters will have the summer to take hold of their lives and find happiness.

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8. Tempest by Beverly Jenkins

Mail-order bride Regan Carmichael is an independent woman who can’t be told what to do, but when she learns her new husband only wants her to take care of his daughter, she’ll realize the arrangement was not what she thought it would be. As the two learn more about each other, they’ll come to realize that maybe they needed one another all along.

Diving into a new romance with Regan, Colton will have to find a way to make it work despite his family’s disapproval and a threat from an outside force. Can these two make their love work in the rural Wyoming Territory, or will those closest to them find a way to ruin the romance?

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9. All We Knew by Jamie Beck

Hunter Cabot knew from the moment he saw Sara that she was the woman he’d spend the rest of his life with. After the two were married, work became Hunter’s life as he worked toward becoming CEO of his family’s company, but after multiple failed pregnancy attempts, Sara will need his attention more than ever.

As everything in Hunter’s life begins to slip, he’ll have to find a way to keep his family from selling their company, support his wife and start the family he and Sara have always wanted. All We Knew tells the story of two soulmates and their honest struggle to give each other the love they deserve.

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10. Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella

Parents and long-term spouses Sylvie and Dan have the kind of marriage most couples dream of, but after coming to terms with the long future ahead of them, they decide that they need to spice things up. From surprise gifts to spur of the moment dates and sexy lingerie, the two will find themselves enjoying Project Surprise Me.

As the story unfolds, the couple will find themselves learning new things they didn’t previously know about one another and discovering a new depth to their marriage. Sophie Kinsella’s latest novel is a humorous and heartfelt read all married couples can appreciate.

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