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6 Adorable Details About Troye Sivan And Jacob Bixenman's Relationship, Including Their Steamy Music Video

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For every girl out there crushing on Troye Sivan, we have some bad news for you: He's openly gay and has a boyfriend (sorry, ladies!). He's dating a male model and their relationship is adorable.

Here's Troye Sivan's coming out video from back when he was most well-known as a YouTuber: 

To say Troye Sivan and Jacob Bixenman are one of the cutest couples in Hollywood right now, would be a severe understatement. 

With dozens of Twitter feeds, Instagram accounts and fan fiction sites dedicated to cheering on "#Tracob's' happy relationship", it's no wonder they're one of the most popular couples right now. 

So popular in fact Sivan will be performing his newest single, "The Good Side" on Saturday Night Live. 

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Though they've been rumored to have been dating for awhile, an appearance in a music video and their first-ever photo they posted on social media has made the relationship between the singer and the model official. 

Here are 8 things we know about Troye Sivan and Jacob Bixenman's relationship and dating history: 

1. They have been rumored to have been dating since 2016.

Fans quickly picked up on their relationship around August. They noticed that 21-year-old Sivan had been hanging out with the 20-year-old model. The first appearance being at Sivan's concert in Australia. 

2. Sivan was previously dating a famous YouTuber. 

Sivan used to date Connor Franta, an American personality known for his YouTube channel. 

However, no one actually confirmed the pair was dating or that they broke up. But fans who were shipping "Tronner" have officially moved on to "Tracob." 

3. Sivan is rumored to be Bixenman's first boyfriend. 

Fans who've been following Bixenman's career as a model say they haven't heard or seen him with anyone before Sivan. 

Because of that, they believe Sivan to be his first boyfriend. 

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4. Bixenman was featured in one of Sivan's music videos. 

Tracob was solidified when Bixenman appeared in Sivan's music video for his hit, "Heaven." 

The video featured various gay pride moments in history and served as an emotional celebration of the LGBT community. It was released at the same time as the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Sivan urged his fans to "continue to fight" in the "dark and light times."

5. They posted their first Instagram selfie soon after. 

After fans matched up birthmarks to determine Bixenman in the video, Sivan posted the cute selfie above with the caption "Heaven!" 

6. They love meeting celebrities together. 

When they first announced their love at the MTV Music Awards in 2016, they spend the evening celebrating and mingling with their favorite celebrities. 

They took the above adorable photo with Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles and were featured in selfies on Arianna Grande. 

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