9 Things To Know About Caitlin Beadles — The Ex Justin Bieber Hangs Out With Who Isn’t Selena Gomez

She was his first girlfriend.

9 Things To Know About Ex Justin Bieber Has Been Hanging With Who Isn’t Selena Instagram

If you're wondering who Justin Bieber is dating, well Justin Bieber spent Thanksgiving with his ex-girlfriend — but not the one you’re thinking.

The tatted singer enjoyed the holidays with a girl he dated even before Selena Gomez was in the picture, Caitlin Beadles. The young pair were together in 2008 and 2009 when Bieber still rocked his side-swept hair and bare arms.

While Gomez celebrated the holiday with her family in Texas, Bieber was with Beadles and her brother, Christian Beadles, who is a close friend of his.


Beadles and Bieber dated during their teenage years but their fling eventually ended. Now, she is in a serious relationship with a dude named Logan Davis, so it is unlikely anything is going on between the two. Bieber is said to be dating Selena Gomez.


It seems Beadles is in Bieber’s life for good, though — as a friend. Bieber is very close to her brother, who he considers his own brother. He even posted a photo of the three together on Thanksgiving with the caption, “So thankful for my brother and sister this Thanksgiving.”

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Although the pair might not be a thing anymore, they are still in each other’s lives quite often due to Bieber and her brother’s friendship.

Here are 9 things you should know about Bieber’s very first girlfriend:

1. She LOVES dogs.


Her entire Instagram is full of dog pictures! Not to mention she has her own charity dedicated to rescuing dogs.

2. She started her own charity to help rescue dogs.

She founded the charity Caitlin’s Vine of Bravery Dog Rescue. The focus of the charity is rescuing and rehabilitating injured and abused dogs and finding forever homes for them. It also connects therapy dogs to those who need them.

3. She survived a major boating accident.


Beadles was involved in a terrible boating accident in 2009. The reason she created her dog rescue was that she needed a therapy dog during her recovery and is an avid advocate for Pet Emotional Therapy.

4. She is religious.

“Jesus knew about rejection His entire time on earth, but it did not change how He loved,” is on her Instagram profile. Her charity’s website also has a Bible verse on it.



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5. She met Justin Bieber at a church in Atlanta.

In 2008, Bieber moved to Georgia’s capital to work with Usher. He and Beadles attended the same church there.

6. She was nominated for a Shorty Award for Best Fashion.


Beadles posts tons of photos on social media in trendy outfits and was nominated for the Shorty Award thanks to her sense of fashion.

7. She is a Leo.

Beadles is a Leo while Bieber is a Pisces. According to Astrology.com, the two were destined to break up, as their signs aren’t very compatible when it comes to love.


8. She and Justin Bieber broke up because she didn’t want to be in the spotlight.

Bieber was in the early stages of rising to fame when Beadles dated him. Once he started getting famous, the couple split because Beadles didn’t want anything to do with the spotlight, according to Hollywood Life.

9. She's now dating a hottie.


Caitlin has been dating her current boyfriend, Logan Davis, for a while now. He's definitely easy on the eyes!

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