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These Clingy Zodiac Signs Need Constant Validation In Their Relationships

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Ever wonder how relationships can make a person suddenly act clingy and insecure, no matter which zodiac sign they are? I’ve never been one to need constant validation in my relationships, but I can’t deny that validation in general does feel pretty good.

It’s kind of like getting a pat on the back for being a good girlfriend, right?

Of course, when it comes to zodiac signs who need validation on a regular basis, it can come across and clingy and insecure at times. But validating each other and the relationship becomes less of a way to make your partner feel good and more of a way to keep the other around and keep them happy.

Wanting to be validated in your relationships is NOT a bad thing at all.

In fact, validation can make a relationship stronger and bring more open communication, as long as you can both talk about the good with the bad — rather than just the good.

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There will always be a situation that arises that you and your partner can’t agree on, or a quirk that drives you crazy about your partner and not in a good way (like the fact that he’s terrible at voicing what’s troubling him when you’re arguing).

But validation is what reminds both of you that your relationship is both strong AND worth fighting for on a consistent basis.

But if all you ever do is build each other up when times are positive, or when you’re both in a good mood, then it doesn’t mean half as much as if you’re able to validate each other even when you don’t like each other very much.

Showing you care for and love your partner, even when you’d rather sleep on the couch, makes validation in your relationship that much more special.

It’s only when we pick and choose when to validate our partners or constantly ask for validation that things get tricky.

When you feel the need for constant validation, it can be connected to your horoscope sign. It can also mean that you’re either not in a good relationship to begin with or that you need to work on loving yourself before you can dive into a relationship head first.

More than that, though, needing constant validation can make you seem clingy and insecure.

Recognizing and accepting each other’s feelings, thoughts, and emotions is what makes validation essential and positive in a relationship.

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If that becomes one-sided — as in, you wanting all of the validation and not reciprocating it — then it becomes a problem. And for some zodiac signs, the need for constant validation (and not always the healthy kind) can ruin a good thing.

Unfortunately, some signs can’t always control our need for it because it can make us feel so good and loved.

Trust me, I get it. But is it worth possibly losing a good relationship over? I think not, but what does astrology say about what you think?

Keep reading for the zodiac signs who need constant validation in their relationships.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini, you need constant validation in your relationship because you need a vocal reminder that you're doing a good job.

You don't want to have to guess what your partner thinks of you, but it also doesn't hurt to have him build you up a little bit, either. You take your relationships very seriously and you try to be as thoughtful as possible in everything you do.

Of course, your mind is always running and you can't help yourself when you get nervous, thinking that your partner doesn't love you or that you don't matter. Sometimes, you just need to hear that he does and you do.

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

For you, Cancer, validation keeps you from going crazy. You sometimes hate that you need it constantly, but you know that you can also be a little insecure.

So, really, constant validation is a way to make sure that you continue to feel good about yourself in your relationship. You want to be with a partner who makes you feel comfortable and loved all the time.

But when there's an argument or discord, you need validation to ensure that your relationship isn't in trouble. You're also very emotional, which isn't bad, but it can get in the way of toning down that validation a bit.

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo, you do so much for your partner in your relationship that constantly validating him just comes naturally to you. Of course, you also need constant validation because you tend to overthink everything. And when you don't get validation, you tend to overthink even more.

For you, you don't need constant validation because you need your partner to confirm that he loves you every single day. You need constant validation to make sure that all of the effort you ARE putting into your relationship actually means something.

You don't want to waste your time on people who don't care. If that means needing to be validated, then so be it.

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