8 Facts & Details About Becca Kufrin — Jimmy Kimmel's Predicted Winner Of 'The Bachelor'

Kimmel and his wife have an impressive track record for predicting the winners.

8 Facts About Becca Kufrin, Predicted by Jimmy Kimmel to Win The Bachelor ABC

Jimmy Kimmel is known to be able to predict the outcome of The Bachelor and he’s come up with this season’s prediction.

The late-night host, with help from his wife, Molly McNearny, has predicted the final four, but most importantly that The Bachelor’s Arie Luyendyk will give his final rose to Becca Kufrin.

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During the show, Kimmel spoke with Luyendyk about his experience on The Bachelor. Luyendyk told Kimmel that he fell in love with TWO women throughout the season of The Bachelor but obviously had to pick one to give the final rose to.

Then Kimmel went on to say, “I’m going to tell you who you pick….My wife has worked very hard on this. She actually made me wait right up until show time to tell me who she thinks the winner is going to be and we’ve narrowed it down to four. ”

The first contestant in the final four competing for 36-year-old Luyendyk is physical therapist Tia Booth, 26, according to Kimmel and his wife.  


Second up is Chelsea Roy, who Luyendyk gave the first impression rose. The 29-year-old single mother was described by Kimmel as attractive and aggressive, but won’t be picked. “You’ll just keep giving her roses so she can antagonize everyone else in the house,” said Kimmel.

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Next is Bekah Martinez, 22, who Kimmel also said won’t be picked.  

The winner is going to be Becca Kufrin, although Kimmel said he doesn’t think she will be his wife.



“You also gave her the first rose in the rose ceremony so she’s probably the only one whose name you remembered right off the bat,” Kimmel told Luyendyk.

Luyendyk didn’t make it easy for Kimmel to read his reactions to each woman’s name. Luyendyk simply shrugged after Kimmel named off each of the predicted final four, giving fans no hints about the true winner.

“Maybe you won’t pick any of them,” Kimmel teased.

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Kimmel and his wife have previously accurately predicted four out of the last five Bachelor winners. 

Here are 8 things to know about this season's potential winner, Becca Kufrin.


1. She is a senior account executive.

The predicted winner works as a senior account executive at Skyaa, a technology PR firm.

2. She graduated from Minnesota State University.


Kufrin obtained a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from MSU, Mankato, in 2012 with a 3.795 GPA. 

3. Her mother is recovering from breast cancer and she lost her father.

Kufrin’s mom is in remission from breast cancer. Her father died when she was just 17.

4. She has 3 tattoos.


She has a tattoo on her right foot, her wrist, and her hand.

5. She watches Game of Thrones.

"Pulling a Daenerys and making him bend the knee," she wrote in an Instagam post of the above photo. "Who will fight for the north? Tune in tonight during The Bachelor premiere." 

That reference though! 


6. She is active in politics.

Kufrin votes and participated in protests for women’s rights.

7. She has a bucket list.


Becca has made a list of things she wants to do before she dies. On that bucket list is going on a hot air balloon ride, grape stomping, falling in love, and buying a house and having a dog with that love.

8. She has a corgi.

Though she also loves cats, Kufrin has a very cute corgi who she posts photos of on Instagram a lot.


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