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7 Best Fiction Podcasts For Book Lovers With No Time To Read

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6 Best Fiction Podcasts For People Who Love Stories But Hate Reading

Reading can be a great way to relax. But with so much to do and so little time, there's not a lot of room left for reading. You have a ton of things on your to-do list, and a lot to handle.

There just isn't enough time in the day to read all your favorite books!

Podcasts are a new way to get in a story without the hassle of straining your eyes or having to focus all of your attention on reading. Your boss may cool enough to let you listen to podcasts, but not read a novel while on duty. Unless that's apart of your job description, of course. Podcasts are the wave of the future, improving the art of story-telling.

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That's why podcasts are so amazing! Recently it experienced a boom, and now there's more content than ever before. You can be driving to work and listening to a great story at the same time. You can even get fit while keeping up to date with your favorite podcast. 

The only problem is that it's so hard to choose a good fiction podcast. If you've been craving to hear a well-thought-out sci-fi story or absolutely need an interesting new thriller that's sure to get your heart thumping all you need to do is read on.

If you love a good story but don't want to go through the pain of reading a book. We got you covered!

We came up with a list of the best fiction podcasts that'll fulfill your reading dreams.

1. Dead Pilots Society

If you're a television junkie this fiction podcast is perfect for you. Over time both studios and networks have seen a lot of scripts that people thought didn't make the cut. The show uses actors and actresses to read these scripts. 

The only bad part is that these scripts are all one-shots, so if you really loved an episode, you know that there won't be any follow-ups. 

Download on iTunes.

2. Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale, a little desert town in the Southwestern United States where there are strange things happening every day in this community. 

This podcast focuses on Night Vale where all conspiracy theories are real. From aliens showing up to people with supernatural there a lot of crazy things that go on in this town.

Listen on Spotify or download on iTunes.

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3. The Message

Nicky Tomalin is covering the attempts to decode a message that was sent over 70 years ago. At first, people thought this message was in a foreign language, but it turns out that it:s from outer space. The best of the cryptologists have been brought in to understand the meaning of the message, but decoding the message has some negative consequences.

It's a sci-fi found-footage podcast. It gives us bits and pieces of clues that point to a greater mystery. You'll be trying to come up with your own theories as to whats going on.

More about The Message.

4. Alice Isn’t Dead

A truck driver is on a journey across America to search for her wife that she thought died. During her travels on the road, she comes in contact with supernatural serial killers, warped realities, and everything in between.

Listen on Spotify or download on iTunes.

5. Bronzeville

In this podcast, you follow Bronzeville's African American residents and their struggles in the 1940s. It's about the citizen's facing struggles, and hardships but never losing their pride and high spirits. 

They can find positivity and hope despite their bad situations. It features actors and actresses from Hollywood playing characters. It's gripping and will have you completely immersed in its world.

Listen on Spotify or download on iTunes.

6. The Black Tapes

It's a documentary drama about a journalist named Reagon trying to find the truth about Dr. Richard Strand, a paranormal investigator.  Reagan goes through his investigations of his unsolved cases that she calls "Black tapes."

Dr. Strand is a non-believer of the supernatural, and he tries to prove that there is no such thing as the supernatural. If you love the spooky, and unexplainable this is the podcast for you.

Listen on Spotify or download on iTunes.

7. Deadly Manners

Agatha Christie fans will love this murder mystery narrated by big stars like Kristen Bell and RuPaul. It focuses on a high society party whose attendees find themselves trapped by a snowstorm, only to find themselves getting picked off one-by-one.

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