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6 Awful New Details About Jami Cantor's Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against 7 NFL Execs, Broadcasters & Hall Of Famers

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5 Horrifying Facts And Details About Jami Cantors Sexual Harassment

Jami Cantor, an ex-wardrobe stylist for the NFL, filed a lawsuit against 7 NFL execs, broadcasters, and football players, according to TMZ.

The NFL Network hired Cantor as a wardrobe stylist in 2006. According to Bloomberg, her job duties included building a closet full of clothes that on-air talent wore during shows on the network. TMZ reported that Cantor says she was "subjected to ongoing and continuing sexual harassment by current and former on-air talent."

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Cantor named Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, Warren Sapp, Donovan McNabb, Heath Evans, Eric Davis, and Eric Weinberger in her suit. As of December 11, 2017, the NFL suspended the five men who were still active on the network.

Here are the facts and details about Cantor's alleged sexual harassment and assault.

1. She was fired by the NFL Network in 2016.

According to Bloomberg, she first filed a wrongful termination suit in October 2017 after she was fired and replaced by a 30-year-old. The NFL claims Cantor was fired for stealing clothes, though her lawsuit claims there is video proof that Cantor is innocent. “If they would have looked at the video they would have seen that (Cantor) did not steal any clothes,” says the lawsuit. Her lawyer told Bloomberg, “it’s outrageous conduct and I fully intend to hold the NFL Network responsible.”

2. Cantor complained about sexual harassment while employed by the NFL Network.

According to Bloomberg, Cantor complained to the talent coordinator Mark Walton, who told her the actions were "part of the job" because of the way she looked. Bloomberg reports that she also complained about poor working conditions at the network, specifically failure to reimburse her expenses and lack of compensation for her work. Instead of addressing her complaints, Heavy claims the NFL made it worse "by increasing her workload and cutting her hours.”

3. She's accused Hall of Famer and broadcaster Marshall Faulk of various acts of sexual assault.

According to TMZ, Marshall Faulk asked about personal information about Cantor's sex life, including questions about which sex positions she preferred, if she dated black men, and her preferences on oral sex. Bloomberg also reports Faulk groped her breasts and buttocks. The lawsuit claims that "as time went on, Mr. Faulk became more aggressive, such as inviting Plaintiff to his hotel room, stroking and pulling out his genitals in front of her, pointing to his crotch and asking Plaintiff, 'when are you gonna get on this already?' He also pinned Plaintiff against a wall, demanding oral sex while he pulled his pants down." An NFL representative told Bloomberg that Faulk has been suspended from the network.

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4. Ike Taylor, Heath Evans, and Eric Weinberger sent provocative photos to Cantor.

Taylor, Evans, and Weinberger took graphic photos of themselves and sent it to Cantor. Taylor recorded himself masturbating while he was in a shower and sent the video to Cantor, according to her lawsuit. Evans made comments harassing to Cantor including “you’re making me horny” and that he “needed to get in you deep and hard.” The NFL Network suspended Evans and Taylor, and Weinberger's current media properties have suspended him as well.

5. Warren Sapp urinated in front of Cantor and gave her sex toys.

According to the suit, Sapp entered a restroom Cantor was preparing clothes in and urinated while she was still there. According to TMZ, when Cantor asked him to leave, Sapp responded, "sorry mama, but your office shouldn't be our sh*tter." He's also accused of gifting Cantor sex toys for three Christmases in a row.

6. Donovan McNabb allegedly sent graphic texts to Cantor.

According to TMZ, McNabb messaged Cantor asking if "she was a squirter" and telling her she "looked like the kind of girl that squirted when getting f*cked."

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