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What You Need To Know About The 3 Women Accusing Trump Of Assault

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump is dominating the news, and not just because he's running for the highest office in our country. The October Surprise (a news event timed deliberately to affect the outcome of a political race) has just been dropped, and it's HUGE (or YUGE, depending on what side you're on).

So, is it safe to assume we all know about the 2005 Trump Tapes? Donald Trump can be heard on a hot mic with (former?) TV host Billy Bush boasting how he just kisses women he's attracted to or grabs them by the pussy, without consent. His defense was that those were just words, and he never took action.

OCTOBER SURPRISE: Women are coming out to claime that he did, in fact, sexually assault them. Of course, this is all allegedly and of course, Donald Trump is denying their validity.

At a campaign rally held today in Florida, Trump denounced the accusations, even going so far as to allude that the women aren't pretty enough to be assaulted.

Here's what we know, so far, about these women:

The New York Times published an article about two women, Ms. Leeds and Ms. Crooks, and the experiences they had with Donald Trump.

Jessica Leeds


1. Ms. Leeds worked as a traveling businesswoman for a paper supply company.

Over 30 years ago, Ms. Leeds was sitting in first-class on a flight to New York next to Donald Trump. Some time after takeoff, Trump adjusted the arm rest to gain access to Ms. Leeds and began to grope her.

2. Ms. Leeds left the first-class cabin to escape Trump.

After Trump attempted to place his hand up her skirt, she retreated back to coach. 

3. Ms. Leeds claims Trump's actions were an assault.

In The New York Times interview, she says, "He was like an octopus. His hands were everywhere."

4. Ms. Leeds did not report the incident.

Unfortunately, according to Ms. Leeds, unwanted advances by men were commonplace during that time. She did alert the staff on the plane but did confide in a few close friends.

5. After the latest debate, Leeds knew he was lying about his "words."

Leeds emailed The New York Times: “His behavior is deep seated in his character,” adding, “To those who would vote for him, I would wish for them to reflect on this.”

You can watch the full interview with Jessica Leeds here:

Rachel Crooks


1. In 2005, Rachel Crooks worked in Trump Tower as a receptionist for a real estate and development company, Bayrock Group.

At 22, Crooks met Donald Trump outside an elevator in Trump Tower. She knew Trump had business dealings with her company, so she introduced herself.

2. When Crooks shook Trump's hand, he didn't let go.

Crooks told The New York Times that Trump kissed her on the cheeks then directly on the mouth.

3. Hours after the incident, she ran to her apartment and broke down in tears to her boyfriend, Clint Hackenburg.

Clint told The New York Times: “I think that what was more upsetting than him kissing her was that she felt like she couldn’t do anything to him because of his position,” adding, "I remember her saying, ‘I can’t do anything to this guy, because he’s Donald Trump.’”

4. Days later, Trump requested Crooks's phone number.

Using the excuse of sending her information to a modeling company, Crooks gave her number to Trump because of the relationship he had with the company she worked for. The modeling agency never called.

5. Crooks worked hard to avoid Trump after the incident.

Crooks declined an offer to the Trump Organization Christmas Party, and hid out of sight every time Trump came into view.

Natasha Stoynoff


1. Stoynoff wrote for PEOPLE magazine, and often tracked Trump stories, including his hit TV series, The Apprentice.

Natasha Stoynoff had a friendly relationship with both Donald and Melania Trump, as she often wrote about him. She even attended their wedding.

2. In December of 2005, Stoynoff went to Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate to do an interview for his and Melania's first wedding anniversary.

While a pregnant Melania went to change her wardrobe for the accompanying photo shoot, Stoynoff was taken by Trump to a room he claimed she had to see. 

3. Trump closed the door behind them.

While alone in the room, Stoynoff found herself being pushed up against a wall with Trump's tongue being forced into her mouth. The butler interupted the incident to tell them Melania would be ready soon.

4. Stoynoff continued the interview with Trump and Melania.

Though rattled, and feeling violated, Stoynoff remained to finish the interview. While waiting for Melania, alone with Trump once again, Trump said: “You know we’re going to have an affair, don’t you? Have you ever been to Peter Luger’s for steaks? I’ll take you. We’re going to have an affair, I’m telling you."

While at Mar-A-Lago, Stoynoff, before the incident, Stoynoff wanted to go to their spa for a neck problem she had. Trump got her a special appointment that, after the incident, she debated on whether to attend, ultimately deciding to go for it. She cut the appointment short when she learned Trump had been waiting for her before she got there. She was fearful he'd walk right into the room while she was undressed on the massage table.

5. Feeling like most women do after being sexually assaulted, she blamed herself.

Stoynoff felt that maybe she was to blame, or that she was making the incident more than it was, so she decided to run the piece as is, without mentioning what happened. She asked to be removed from any future Trump pieces and has avoided him since.