These Are The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2017 (So Far)

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The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2017 For Boys And Girls

By Alessia Santoro

The results are in — kinda — for the most popular baby names of 2017. Now that we're just over halfway through the year, Nameberry is sharing the biggest names of 2017 thus far — calculated by looking at which names were most viewed since January in conjunction with the current baby name trends — and unlike in previous years, there's actually a bit of change happening up in the top slots.

In the boys' section, Asher has reclaimed the top spot from Ezra, which moved down to the fourth spot, and within the top 100 boys' names, nearly a fifth are new compared to 2016's list.

In the girls' corner, Olivia is still reigning supreme; however, new to the top 10 are Evelyn, Penelope, and Eleanor, and the top 100 is seeing some surprising new monikers such as Saskia and Ines.

Check out the 50 most popular girls' and boys' names of 2017 so far — would you or have you used any of these names?



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  1. Asher 
  2. Atticus 
  3. Jack 
  4. Ezra 
  5. Theodore 
  6. Milo 
  7. Jasper 
  8. Oliver 
  9. Silas 
  10. Wyatt 
  11. Henry 
  12. Matthew 
  13. Leo 
  14. Declan 
  15. Oscar 
  16. Xavier 
  17. Finn 
  18. Levi 
  19. Thomas 
  20. Sebastian 
  21. Felix 
  22. Axel 
  23. Benjamin 
  24. Alexander 
  25. Kai


  1. Olivia 
  2. Amelia 
  3. Charlotte 
  4. Isla 
  5. Isabella
  6. Ava 
  7. Aurora 
  8. Evelyn 
  9. Penelope 
  10. Eleanor 
  11. Arabella 
  12. Rose 
  13. Cora 
  14. Amara 
  15. Ophelia 
  16. Violet 
  17. Luna 
  18. Elizabeth 
  19. Hazel 
  20. Esme 
  21. Maeve 
  22. Adeline 
  23. Alice 
  24. Thea 
  25. Lucy

This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.