The 3-Step Process That Will Help Your Penis Stay Erect Longer During Sex

When it comes to sex, there seems to be a stigma attached to men that they’re supposed to be perpetually hard and erect the entire duration.

But, according to Amy Color, licensed sex therapist, this is simply not the case. In the latest YourTango Experts video (which you can watch above) Color explains that a man's penis normally fluctuates between various stages of firmness during an erection, and this is 100 percent normal. In fact, it even happens to a woman’s genitals, but it’s far less noticeable.

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If you are having trouble maintaining an erection and you’re concerned about it being something outside of the usual, however, relax. There are still steps that you can take in order to help you keep up a healthy sex life that are simple and easy to do!

So if you want to start lasting longer in bed, here are 3 tips on how to do it:

1. Brush your teeth.

First things first, you’re going to want to eliminate any possible reasons why you aren’t lasting long in bed. And believe it or not, there is a direct correlation between gum disease and maintaining an erection.

Yes, it’s true! Maintaining good dental health will actually make you last longer in bed, as well as giving you a brilliant smile and less chance of heart disease! This is one simple step that is sure to help you in more than one area of your life.

2. Squeeze the base of your penis.

According to Color, you’ll want to “squeeze the base like a vice grip,” which will help keep the blood from leaving your penis—and limiting your time being erect. If you don’t want to continually keep this up with your hand, you can also use a cock ring, she says, which does the same job but frees your hands up to do other fun things during sex.

And don’t worry about being embarrassed by using one! It means that you know what it takes for you to be a great lover.

3. Stop trying to achieve the "big finish".

Guys often try to think of something sensual to “push them over the edge” so that they can orgasm, but according to Color, what you need to do is “stay with the pleasure.”

The orgasm is the climax of your sexual pleasure, and so you don’t need to hurry up and cross the threshold or work hard to end it. Just go with what feels good for both you and your partner, and you’ll reach it when it’s time!

So if you’re worried about the difficulty of lasting longer in bed, you don’t need to anymore!

Practice these steps and see just how much further you’ll go.

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Whether you experience this or any other sexual issue, Amy Color would love to hear from you and to offer her help. You can contact her here.