I Tried That Beauty Brand That's All Over Instagram To See What All The Hype Is About

It's way more than a trend.

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I like to think that I’m savvy when it comes to Internet marketing. For example, I know that when Kylie Jenner is promoting that weight loss tea she’s doing so because she got paid for it, not because she actually uses it on the reg.

That said, when I see a product on Instagram that promises me gorgeous eyebrows and dewy cheeks with minimal effort, I am absolutely going to buy it.

I’m talking about Glossier’s Boy Brow grooming pomade and Haloscope highlighter. Even if you haven’t heard of these products before, you’ve at least seen the brand all over social media. Its millennial pink, minimalist aesthetic is practically inescapable and an Instagram influencer favorite.



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Here’s the thing: as much as I love makeup, applying it in real life is just not my thing. I could — and sometimes do — sit and watch YouTube makeup tutorials for hours, but when it comes time to beautify myself, I typically look like I’m about to go audition for clown school.


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While I usually scroll right past beauty products on Instagram because I know I’ll probably never use them (or at least never use them well), something about Glossier made me stop. Their Instagram bio is simply, “Skin first. Makeup second,” which I personally appreciate as someone who can’t stand when makeup makes me break out. Plus, their feed is totally natural and relatable — they often share images of and by actual Glossier users, so it doesn't feel as manufactured as your typical beauty brand.


@adamantlyadler wears Haloscope in Topaz and Boy Brow in Black 

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After checking out their site, I decided on the Boy Brow + Haloscope Duo. The Boy Brow was a must because my brows are WILD, and you save $8 when you buy a Duo and I wasn’t about to pass up on a good deal.


The Glossier packaging is just as trendy as its Instagram feed. The products came in a cute pink bubble wrap zip-lock complete with adorable Glossier stickers.

Glossier Boy Brow

Luckily, thicker, more natural brows are on trend right now, so I’m in a better place than I was in the 2000s when thin brows were in. However, my individual eyebrow hairs are long and, to make matter worse, they’re also curly. So, more often than not, my eyebrows are disheveled and pointing every which way (except the correct way). Most of the time I just leave them be and hope for the best. If I’m going out somewhere nice, I’ll use an eyebrow pencil in an attempt to fill them in so maybe people won’t notice how ridiculous they actually are. I’ve even sprayed them with hairspray in hopes of keeping them in place, which just makes both the brows and the surrounding skin stiff.


I was super excited to try Boy Brow, which had a lot of great reviews. According to the product description, it thickens, fills in, and grooms brows all in one swipe. The pomade comes in four colors (clear for hold, and then brown, black, and blond for hold and some tint). I chose the black in hopes that it would not only hold my brows in place but also help fill in any bald spots I inevitably have from plucking.

Let me tell you, I was so pleased with the outcome. Not only is Boy Brow incredibly simple to apply, but it ended up holding my brows in place all day without ever being stiff. It’s better than a brow crayon because it looks more natural and WAY better than assaulting your face with hairspray.

Before / After


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Glossier Haloscope ‘Dew Effect’ Highlighter

Next up was the Haloscope highlighter. I was hesitant about this product at first for a couple of reasons. For one, I was skeptical that highlighter could ever look natural. It’s normally associated with a full face of makeup, for which I have no time (or talent). Secondly, I have an oily complexion and was afraid this product would make me look like an actual oil slick.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The Haloscope wasn’t overly sparkly like the glitter bomb cheeks you see on a lot of makeup tutorials and didn’t make my skin feel or look oily. It’s truly a highlighter you can wear on an everyday basis and an effortless way to make your skin look and feel healthy. It's definitely subtle, but it's just enough that it brightens up your face without being over-the-top.


Before / After

The Glossier Boy Brow + Haloscope duo is perfect for those like me who want to look like they have their lives together and put some effort into themselves, but maybe don’t have the time or makeup expertise to do so. And the best part is, for the quality of the product you’re getting, it’s super affordable (only $30 with free shipping when you get the duo).


The day after trying these products for the first time, I went out shopping. Normally, my normal makeup routine for a laidback shopping day would simply be nonexistent, but this time I could not leave the house without applying the Boy Brow! I haven’t been this stoked about a beauty product in a while — it’s easily one of my new favorites.

Also, remember how I said Glossier is about skin first? While making you look awesome, these products simultaneously work to keep your skin healthy. Without getting too sciency, the Boy Brow includes ingredients that help condition and strengthen your brows and the Haloscope keeps your skin moisturized. Not bad for a trendy Instagram brand!

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