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How The Full Beaver Moon On Saturday, November 4, 2017 Will Affect You All Weekend

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Beaver moon meaning

If you're feeling a little wonky this weekend, don't blame the lack of sleep you got because you stayed up all night binging the latest episode of Stranger Things. Blame the freakin' full moon. 

This Saturday, November 4, the Beaver Moon will shine bigger and brighter than usual, and it's totally going to mess with your brain. 

Also known as the Frost Moon or the Hunter's Moon, this space phenomenon misses being a supermoon by just one day. It's very close to earth, which is what will make it appear crazier than the average moon. The only moon that will be bigger than the Beaver Moon is December's supermoon. 

It'll reach it's full peak at 1:23 a.m. EST (so stay up late Friday night).

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Getting its name from the time of year when early colonists and Indian tribes set their beaver traps, the Beaver Moon is a great time to dig deep and think about how your past is affecting you now. 

Prepare to feel extra sensitive. Things you may have been bottling up inside could come spilling out as this moon puts pressure on you to clear away any reminders of negative feelings you've been holding on to. 

In other words, things are going to get sappy. 

Because of this, it's important to take some time for some personal TLC. A long soak in the bath or even indulging in a good sad movie cry could do wonders for clearing out your psyche of any negative emotions. 

Cleanse is the name of the game for the Beaver Moon. While it's always good to rid yourself of any bad things you've been holding on to at the start of a new month, this month is especially rewarding.

Throw away old mementos you've been keeping just for the sake of keeping, let go of that toxic relationship you've been too scared to let go of and give yourself some room to breathe. 

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The tangible act of getting rid of things will rid that weight you've been carrying on your shoulders for God knows how long and will put you in the relaxed mindset you'll need to enjoy the busy holiday season. 

Another way to really take advantage of the effects the Beaver Moon can have on you and your zodiac sign is to make sure you're really feeling through your feelings. 

When bad things happen to us, we have a tendency to dust it under the rug and try to marathon our way back to happiness. We pretend the bad thing never happened. We act like we've been okay all long. 

But the more you avoid feeling a hard feeling, the more of a punch in the gut it'll become down the road. 

So face the hard time you've been putting in the back of your mind. Know that the only way to really get over something is to actually go through it. And when you do, the sigh of relief you'll feel knowing that it's cleared out of your psyche will be incredible. 

The Beaver Moon might make this weekend a little tougher than most. But once the sun rises and those negative feelings are finally out of our system, we can wave goodbye to the past and really be able to show up for today.

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