New Rumors About Angelina Jolie's Mystery Boyfriend And How She's Already Planning Her Next Wedding

Brad Pitt who?

Angelina Jolie dating engaged

Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie — who's technically not off the market yet — has a secret boyfriend, whom she plans on marrying very soon. 

According to Hollywood Life, the 41-year-old actress started dating a mysterious and dangerously handsome British man in early 2017. The whole relationship has been very much on the down low because, you know, she's still technically married to Brad Pitt.


Not even a year ago, Jolie filed for divorce from the 52-year-old actor, causing hearts to break all over the world. But she didn't have too much time to wallow because she met her new beau soon after. 

We don't know much about this man. In fact, we don't know even know his name. All that sources are revealing is that he's a 40-something businessman and philanthropist who's super rich. 

Sounds like a perfect match for Ang, right?

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The girl is apparently so happy and not full of spite for her ex at all that she's already planning her fourth wedding. Before Pitt, she was married to Jonny Lee Miller for four years, and Bill Bob Thornton for three. 


Though this is still a rumor, this wouldn't be out of character for the actress. Jolie married Thorton the same year she divorced Miller. Am I sensing a trend?

“Angelina could tell Brad what’s going on but she’s choosing not to,” a source told InTouch. "She hopes he will be taken by complete surprise. If it makes Brad unhappy when he finds out, she’s fine with that.”


Shots. Fired. 

Jolie has also decided not to tell her six kids about the alleged wedding because she's scared they'll run and tell dad. 

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The wedding will supposedly take place in Cambodia, where she'll fly out her closest friends and family. It will be a traditional Buddhist ceremony taking place on a wildlife reserve where guests will wear traditional Cambodian clothing and eat local delicacies at the reception. 

“Angie’s thinking of having Shiloh, Zahara, and Vivienne as bridesmaids and Maddox as the groom’s best man since Maddox sort of feels he’s the man of the family now,” the source said. Knox will be the ring bearer and Pax will DJ/bake the cake for the reception like he did for his parents' wedding. 


As for Brad? We'll take a wild guess and say he's probably not invited

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