A New Report Says Brad Pitt Is Dating Ella Purnell —​ The 21-Year-Old Actress Who Played A Young Angelina Jolie In 'Maleficent '

Um... what?

angelina jolie ella purnell maleficent

The internet is blowing up with rumors that Brad Pitt, 53, is dating 21-year-old British actress Ella Purnell, who is most recently known for her role in Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children.

If we put aside the age difference and the fact that Ella was only 9-years-old when Brangelina began their love story, there's still an aspect of this rumor that some might find troublesome. 

Did you see Maleficent, the Disney movie staring Angelina Jolie? Did you happen to notice the actress who played the young Maleficent? Well, it just so happens that it was none other than Ella Purnell. That's right. Brad Pitt is allegedly dating the girl who played the younger version Angelina Jolie.


I know. We might need a minute to let that sink in. 

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But before we get our panties in a bunch, sources close to Purnell say that there's nothing to the rumor. According to Mirror Online, "It's completely made up. They're not dating." Purnell disputed the claims on Twitter as well, saying: "Literally never met the guy! Swear on my mamas life."


Here are details surrounding Brad Pitt and Ella Purnell's relationship:

1. First of all, who is Ella Purnell?

Ella, 21, was born in London where she still currently resides. Her first movie role was in Never Let Me go, starring alongside Keira Knightly as a younger version of her character. The above video shows her filmography and acting chops.


2. Brad Pitt wanted Ella Purnell specifically for his new Starz show, Sweetbitter.

Ella Purnell as Emma in Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

In the In Touch Weekly exclusive, it was said that Brad Pitt was "enchanted" by Ella when he met her on the set of Miss Peregrine's and knew he wanted her for Sweetbitter, a novel by Stephanie Danler adapted for television about a young waitress in New York City.


“Brad had Ella in mind from the get-go. He went out of his way to cast her,. Ella is incredibly flattered by all the attention she’s getting from Brad. She’s told friends he’s always been her No. 1 celebrity crush.”

The same "source" also added:

“He’s taken with Ella’s spunky, funny demeanor and formidable acting skills ... Although Brad’s been working on his sci-fi space travel film Ad Astra, he’s been checking in with Ella weekly as she preps for production. Brad plans on coaching Ella for the show. He’s sure it’s going to be a hit and that it’s going to make Ella a star. It’s only a matter of time before Brad takes their relationship to the next level.”

3. Angelina Jolie reportedly was very upset over the pairing.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

While Angelina has been focusing on her six children, there's been no sightings or rumors about any new love interest for the actress. 

The same In Touch Weekly source said that Jolie is particularly disturbed over the fact that Ella Purnell is only five years older than Maddox, 16, a son the divorced couple share.


However, according to Gossip Cop, there have been rumors that Jolie wanted to beat Pitt to the punch as far as finding love first and is "crazy" that he has already begun dating. But their sources say that Jolie is not upset or in competition with her ex-husband and those rumors are just that: rumors.

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4. So, who is Brad Pitt dating?



Since his split from Jolie, Pitt had been rumored to be dating Kate Hudson and Sienna Miller. Reports suggested he even contacted his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston and engaged in friendly texting, though she is married to Justin Theroux and likely won't take Brad back anytime soon.

Mostly all of the rumors have been debunked or denied. We just hope Brad and Angie are happy and healthy and begins dating when he is ready.


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