How To Make A Man Last Longer In Bed

Hold on tiger!

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If he gets a little excited and can’t hold back, consider it a compliment. You and you alone (well, usually) are doing that to him. Of course, understanding how to make him orgasm more slowly and last a little longer would certainly be advantageous for you as well, am I right? Yes, yes indeed.

Well, if you’ve got someone who is “quick on the draw,” here are some tips to stave off that orgasm just a little bit.


1. Practice edging.

Whether it’s manual, oral, or penetrative sex, adopt a start and release “method” to help him stay on the journey. What does this mean exactly? It means to start and stop, essentially.

This can be frustrating for people who are about to climax when their partners “stop” doing what they like for whatever reason, but the start and stop can really help delay him from exploding, as well as build up to an even more intense orgasm.


2. Use trigger moves sparingly.

If he’s a guy that goes gaga over doggy style or perhaps deep throating, you need to use those trigger moves sparingly. Perhaps you enlist a serious deep throat tactic once you’re ready to be done, or you start letting him go doggy style, only to switch to another position.

If the length of his performance (not his part) is an issue, you need to only pull out his favorite moves when you are ready to close the shop for the evening, so to speak.


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3. Finish, rest, and restart.

Okay, so this strategy won’t work for men who can’t perform more than once within a desirable time period. If you have a man who can get erect and go quickly thereafter, let him orgasm and then dive back in. This means you may climax while he has a second “softer” orgasm, but you still get to have your cake and eat it too.

4. Avoid rapidity and depth.



You know what I'm talking about. Whether you’re a woman with a man or a man with a man, watch your speed and depth.

That means don’t go intensely fast whether it's oral, hand or penetrative sex of any kind, and be careful how deep you go, whether it’s taking him in your mouth completely to the base of his penis or letting him penetrate you.

If you want to go deep and fast, you’ll have to employ control, so this means alternating fast with slow and shallow with deep.

5. Use a code word.

If he doesn’t want to say, “Hey there, I’m going to orgasm,” you could have him adopt a code word so as he’s getting closer, you can pull back in the act without much disruption to your mood. You two can pick whatever code word you want, as long as it doesn’t totally kill the sexy mood.


6. Pause to massage him.

If you’ve got a repeat fast offender, take pauses to massage. This way, if you two are deep in penetrative sex and you feel he’s ready to finish too quickly, you can stop without sitting there and doing nothing “fun.”

Have him massage you so as to help him regain his composure for a bit. You can return the massage but be careful what you “massage.”


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7. Flip the focus.

He’s having a hard time going longer. You’re feeling a little frustrated. How to manage this? Flip the focus to you.

Maybe take a timeout from touching or having sex with each other and, instead, let him focus on you and let you finish first. Or, just take time to focus on you so he can recoup without you losing your horny edge.

8. Use a small trick.



Can he orgasm twice or does he have one small orgasm and another huge one? If you’ve got a man with this sort of talent, then you need to let him get off — not with the thunder that a deep throat or another hot trick you know that he loves, but with a small bang, so he can still prep you for your “takeoff.”

9. Have more sex.

The more you two have sex, the more he’ll learn to hold back. Sometimes, it’s just he’s out of practice or hasn’t seen you in a long time, and that’s what makes him orgasm so quickly.

10. Be strategic.



He’s a ten-minute man, but if you walk in with the lingerie or you pull out the surprise BJ? Yeah, he’ll be a five-minute man in that instance.

Be smart. Use his favorite tricks when you are ready for him to orgasm, or if it’s been ages since you two had sex, as much as you want to be his fantasy for the night, keep a bit mild and let the anticipation build so he stays the course.

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