What Penis Size Do Women Prefer? Survey Results Show Very Strong Opinions

Scared to find out?

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For years scientists, theologians, artists, philosophers, and poets have grappled with some of Humanity's greatest questions.

What is the meaning of life?

What is the nature of love?

What is our purpose?

Is there life after death?

Today I am pleased to announce that I have found the answer one of the most puzzling existential queries once and for all. That's right. And after undertaking a pretty serious anonymous poll among women, I am delighted to share my findings with you in regard to that universal and timeless question...


Does penis size really matter?

I know, I know, but don't pick up the phone and get on the horn to let Great Aunt Bessie know the good news just yet, because, as with most things when it comes to women and sex, the answer is a little bit, how shall we say... complicated.

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I kid you not when I say that I was totally surprised by what I learned...

1. Some women I polled don't care about penis size.

For these women, size has never been an issue. These women are more interested in how their partner is able to use the aforementioned penis in relation to their own naughty bits. While some did say that a bigger penis feels good, they made it clear that there are other factors, such as technique, personality, and the romantic connection, that matter to them more than the size of his member.

  • "It’s not the size. It’s how they use what they have."
  • "I've never heard such a thing!"
  • "It's not the size of it. It's what they do with it!!!"
  • "Hip action and thrusting matter's more."
  • "Don't get me wrong, penis in vagina feels great, but ultimately, I'm more of a clitoral orgasm kinda girl myself."
  • "The whole package counts more, i.e., personality, kindness, giving, and loving."
  • "Sexual pleasure isn't all about penis stimulation."

2. But... MORE of the women I polled feel they need a man with a big penis in order to be satisfied.


I have to say, I was floored to learn that so many more women prefer a large penis to a small one. I legitimately didn't think my fellow women would be so upfront about what they wanted.

The reasons these women stated do make sense, though. It makes their clitoris feels good. It feels nice and filling. It can hit the G-Spot. These are all totally valid reasons.

I was also surprised that some of the women who prefer a well-endowed man can't even articulate their reasons why. That must be mother nature at work...

  • "It feels good when your vagina S T R E T C H E S out to the max, and that action pulls on your clitoris, also!"
  • "Yes, it matters. Especially girth. If I wanted something the size of a finger I could stick with foreplay."
  • "I want to be able to feel the penis inside me instead of having to imagine what it supposed to feel like."
  • "It matters up to a point. If it's very small and you barely feel it, what's the point? But I don't need one that's too big either. As long as its at least 7 inches."
  • "A larger (especially in girth) penis usually just feels better."
  • "I've never been able to have an orgasm with a small one!"
  • "It's just my personal preference."
  • "No offense if you're rocking a tiny one, but yeah, it matters, and there is such a thing as too small."


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3. Still, there are women who insist it's a problem when a guy is TOO big.

I was glad to see a few women on the list weigh in on the negatives of men who bring a big penis into the bedroom. Sure, a big penis can feel good, especially when it's being put to use by a man who knows how to use it, but bigger isn't always better, especially when the man in question's technique is lacking.

  • "Unfortunately, many men with large penises don't take the time to learn how to be skillful lovers because they think they don’t need to."
  • "There is absolutely such a thing as too big."

I'm sure there's at least one poor man out there reading this now who is beyond terrified that his own penis will never pass muster. To him, I say: relax. In my opinion, women are totally willing to accept a penis and even adore a penis of just about any size, provided it is attached to a person they love.

I think one woman summed it all up best when she said this:

"A smaller or bigger than average penis may necessitate a conversation about sexual pleasure, but that is only a problem if one of the two people involved is unwilling to have that conversation. So, in short, size, like everything else, doesn't matter if there is excellent communication."

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