17 National Taco Day Memes And Tweets To Share Because The World Is Terrible Right Now And We Need Some Joy

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There's no getting around it, it's been a hard week.

Between the largest massacre in our country's history, music legend Tom Petty passing away and our president thinking it was a good idea to toss paper towels to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico like it was a damn basketball game, we could all use a snack. 

Thankfully, it's National Taco Day.

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Though no amount of food can make us forget the horrible tragedies our country has faced as of late, maybe one taco can make us feel a little better for a just a moment. 

One can only hope. 

While you're stuffing your face with all the cheesy, salsa-filled goodness you can, break up your negative news feed with some taco meme love. Your friends might just thank you. 

Here are 17 of our favorites: 

1. I've never related to something so much. 



Because let's be real; I'm never going to say no to tacos. 

2. A new mantra.  


*takes a deep breath* *eats a taco* *takes another deep breath* 

3. The timing of these national holidays is uncanny.


Lol text me back, don't text me back, I don't care I'm eating tacos. 

4. Priorities. 


The Funny Beaver

Tacos > dealing with any of my repressed emotions. 

5. I don't need another vodka and sprite dude. 

The Funny Beaver

Stop trying to get us drunk and just feed us okay??

6. When there are two taco holidays in one week. 

Yes, Taco Tuesday is a holiday. 

7. I'd be lying if I said tacos hadn't changed my entire worldview. 

The Funny Beaver

Because why buy clothes when you can buy tacos?

8. Not like you need an excuse but if you did: 


All hair our inner bitch. 

9. In case you feel like sneaking in another favorite snack. 


Pizza is a taco. 

10. Nothing gets you in the mood like grabbing some food. 

The Funny Beaver


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11. Looking for the perfect man like: 

The Funny Beaver

If he loves you, he'll be impressed.

12. When the two most perfect national holidays fall on THE SAME DAY. 

Calling in sick ASAP.

13. Shout out to anyone trying to get my attention.


The Funny Beaver

What more could a person want? 

14. Some solid advice: 


You deserve better. 

15. What is National Boyfriend Day??


Sorry but who are you?

16. But also like, send this to your boyfriend. 

The Funny Beaver

If he doesn't know, he should. 

17. When you love eating tacos but you don't want the moment to end. 

Because all good things must come to an end. 


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