There's Now A Sexy Pregnant Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Because The World Has Gone Crazy

Photo: yandy
pregnant Kylie Jenner Halloween costume

Sexy sea siren, sexy vampires, sexy dead assassin — there are hundreds of sexy Halloween costumes you can choose from.

For some women, they feel like the best way to feel hot at Halloween is to wear a sexy costume of some kind. This may or not be your thing and no one is judging you for it.

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Now, if you feel like you have to be sexy in order to have fun at Halloween, or if your partner makes you feel that you have to wear something somewhat slutty, then there's a problem. No one should force you to be sexy at Halloween if you're not feeling it. 

Halloween gives you the opportunity to have fun and to be clever with your costume. Sure, there are times when you don't think about your costume until the last minute and you're left with choosing something from last year at your local costume rental. A Ghostbusters or a Hillary Clinton wouldn't be so bad.

However, there's one choice you may want to think twice about and that's the sexy pregnant Kylie Jenner Halloween costume, aka the "Reality Star in the Making" costume. Think of the great shots you'll get on Instagram.

Yandy, a website that offers all different kinds of costumes — including the Snazzy Skelton, Slay Something, Killing it, and La Novia Bride costumes, to name just a few — offers the pregnant Kylie Jenner Halloween costume for just $59.95.

The description reads, "Boost your show's ratings in this exclusive Reality star in the making [clearly Kylie Jenner] costume featuring a white dress with a V-neckline, criss-cross spaghetti straps, a ruched and wrapped bodice, and a faux pregnant belly with a black tie closure. Wig and phone not included."

This is one of those kinds of costumes where you're pregnant and at the last minute you decide to go to a party, so you throw on an old wig and an old dress and boom! You're a reality star. It seems that it's just a dress with a baby bump in it because it doesn't even include any accessories!

Photos: Yandy

Becoming a mother is a beautiful thing and makes all pregnant women look amazing with their pregnancy glow. An expectant mother definitely is gorgeous, and being a mother certainly doesn't mean she isn't still sexy and/or desirable.

But to want to go as a sexy pregnant Kylie Jenner for Halloween seems somewhat exploitive, mean-spirited and at the very least not very creative. 

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Kylie Jenner may be one of the most famous women in the world, and I'm sure she'll share with her public what she wants to share, but let her have this special time without being mocked. If you're that uninspired and want to be hot, just go as a sexy witch like everybody else.


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