How To Play With Breasts: A Guide

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how to play with boobs

Ah, boobs. Nature’s gift to man/womankind. There is nothing more wonderful than boobs. I believe that is in the Bible? No matter who you are, your gender, or sexual orientation, everyone can agree that breasts are lovely.

When it comes to sex, getting the breasts involved is all too amazing. The breasts are a nerve-rich erogenous zone that many people love to take advantage of during sex. There are women and female-bodied people who can even have orgasms from nipple stimulation alone.

That being said, the breasts are made from tender tissue that need to be treated with care, even during rough play.



This is a guide for everyone who loves boobs, whether you’re playing with your own breasts, looking to have your breasts fondled by someone else, or are in need of some material for a partner who apparently doesn’t know how to play with boobs, this is the article for you.

1. Ask your partner if she enjoys having her breasts touched during foreplay/sex.

First things first, not every woman likes having her nipples played with. If you are a woman who likes having your nipples or breasts played with, be sure to let your partner know. If you are with a woman and would like to touch/play with her breasts, you need to ask her first.

If you’re in the midst of foreplay and realize if you haven’t ever had a chat about whether or not nipple play is on the table, lightly brush a hand or fingers over your partner’s nipples and see how she reacts. Say, “Do you like this?” If she’s into it, you’ll know. If you feel her pull away, just don’t go in for the breasts.

Some women have very tender or sensitive breasts and don’t enjoy having them touched. Always respect boundaries.


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2. Pay close attention to the nipples.

When you are engaging with breasts, don’t just grab onto the whole thing and fondle them like you’re fixing washing a car. Grabbing a woman’s breasts can be very sexy, but the honeypot lies in the nipples.

Gentle stroke, pinch, lick or suck on the nipples. They are full of nerve endings that increase stimulation in the clitoris.

3. Body language is key.

Pay very close attention to your partner’s reaction to everything you do to her. Body language is your best friend. If she’s leaning into a certain sucking motion or moaning when you pinch her nipples to a specific degree, keep doing that thing and do it again next time.

4. Pinch lightly before going harder.

Every woman’s body is different. This is a golden rule to live by. What works with one partner may not work with the next. Just because you had a previous girlfriend who enjoyed hard nipple pinching doesn’t mean your current partner will like the same.

Start lightly and then progress to more aggressive pressure and motions. Check in with your partner and make sure she’s enjoying how you are touching her. Be willing to adjust how you’re touching her according to her preferences.

When sucking on the nipples, be wary of teeth. Some women enjoy biting, others do not. Always begin lightly and then move up whether you’re pinching or sucking.

5. Don’t just stick to breasts, though.

While nipple and breast play are sexy, you shouldn’t spend thirty minutes just hanging off your partner’s breast like you’re suckling on a teet. Morose memories of that scene from Grandma’s Boy — you know which one I’m talking about.

Nipple play should, for the most part and unless otherwise specified by your partner, be a part of general foreplay and an addition to an overall sexual experience. Which brings me to the next point...

6. Stimulate the clitoris while stimulating the nipples.

The nips are a direct line to the clitoris. If your partner likes nipple play, simultaneously pinch or suck her nipple (alternating between each nipple), while also rubbing her clitoris.

You can also suck or pinch her nipples during penetrative sex to increase clitoral stimulation. If you can manage sucking on her nipples, rubbing her clitoris, and penetrating her, props to you. I am impressed.


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7. Use lube.

Lube is the most underrated sex item known to man. Always use lube for everything. The nipples are very tender and can become chafed if yanked on or played with too aggressively.

Lube can help alleviate some of this friction. If you don’t like the taste of regular lube, there are plenty of flavored options you can try.

8. Try motorboating.

Honestly, motorboating is not for everyone. If you want to try it, do a few things beforehand. Ask first, obviously. You can’t just go sticking your penis or a dildo in between someone's breasts without making sure it’s OK with them.

If it’s alright with your partner, lube up and go for it. Have her push her breasts together for a tighter fit. Conversely, she can hold them together herself. It’s all a matter of preference for how to play with boobs. If you hold her breasts together, she can more easily reach around and stimulate herself while you get it on with her boobs.


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