9 Men Reveal The One Thing That Makes Them Orgasm In A Second

"My wife, when she's giving me a BJ, she'll lightly give my testicles a little squeeze."

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Sometimes, we want our fun to last all night long. But there are other times that we don't have a lot of space to play with and we want to make the most of the time we have. And in an episode like that, it's all about making things count. 

Shortcuts aren't always the sexiest concept when it comes to intimacy, but quickies can be incredibly hot in their own right. There are some things that will make guys explode quickly, and that's exactly what we're going for when we're in a rush but still want it to be a sexy time worth remembering. 

"There are three things that kick it into high gear for me: Nipple, anal and 'taint' play," says Forrest from Aneros.com. "In MRI studies, nipple stimulation has been shown to light up many of the same areas of the brain as seen with genital stimulation, so there is little wonder it feels so good. Tongue and nipple action has always brought me to attention, even from a cold start.


Anal play adds a whole different level of sensation into the mix. There are more nerve endings down there than on one’s lips, so it’s a terrific way for building arousal. For those who are squeamish about going that far down south, 'taint' (perineum) stimulation is a happy alternative. Turns out, the sensory nerve connecting the penis with the prostate traverses this area, so some focused rubbing in the right place can produce something akin to an external prostate massage."

While every man is different, we can all agree that learning how to make him orgasm quickly is a great thing to know for sex. Here's what men think about the best ways to get him there.


1. Speaking in that breathy bedroom voice

"If you're thinking naughty thoughts, speak them, share them, assert them! You could be telling me about the light bill, but if it's in that breathy bedroom voice during sex, game over." — Josh Ortiz, Public Relations Executive at Forward Approach Marketing


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2. Leaving the lights on

"It makes me sad when women are so insecure about their own body that they want to have sex in complete darkness. It's a turn-off. Going at it with the lights on, or even on display in front of a window, drives me wild."

3. Talking dirty



"What absolutely drives me wild is dirty talk and when I get her moaning, groaning, whimpering and panting. I'll go for awhile, but once that excitement and expression get going on her part and she's telling me all about it, it's a game changer. Throw in the towel, tap me out, I'm done! There's nothing like when she is totally free to express herself saying whatever she's feeling, what she wants, giving me play-by-play and how much she's loving it. That's the best."

4. Unexpected dominance

"When a passive 'girl next door' type shows unexpected dominance or aggression or does something completely unexpected (biting, hair pulling, pinning his arms), that's how to make him orgasm quickly."

5. Knowing what you want


"Usually, a woman who knows what she wants and is an active participant is hot. No cat and mouse game once things are moving. It's like in other areas of life. If you don't know where you want to eat dinner, and what you want to eat once you are there, I don't want to eat with you. In bed, know what you want. And show me."

6. Taking control



"When my wife is doing reverse cowgirl and plays with my testicles and butthole while she bounces on my penis..."

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7. Playing with our testicles

"My wife does a thing when she's giving me a blowjob where she'll lightly give my testicles a little squeeze. It makes me shoot off like a rocket."

8. Touching us in public


"What makes me crazy is when we will start to get physical in public. Nothing that would be too obvious or land us in jail, but touching or rubbing in certain places and making intentions very clear. We've gone at it in fitting rooms or made a certain touch at a restaurant under the table. It makes me crazy and want to rush back home as fast as possible with all of that tension building!"

9. Being a different person in bed

"There are two main things. First, I'm very much turned on by a bedroom personality that's a huge departure from her normal persona. And not exclusively in the 'lady in the streets, freak in the sheets' way. Yes, it's a turn-on when a shy woman starts jamming fingers in mouths and making demands. It's also a turn-on when a seemingly very confident woman has to whisper what she wants. Sex is already intimate and the intimacy only increases by exhibiting another shade of your core person. Second, doggie-style. It's over in, like, 18 seconds."

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