7 Women Reveal What Makes Them Orgasm Over And Over And Over Again

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how to give her multiple orgasms

We all have that one thing that drives us wild. Maybe it's the setting or a mood. It could be the slow build, the anticipation, or the flirting. Or maybe it's just the opposite — that sudden thrill taking you by surprise, or taking control. 

Sometimes it's just that he really knows what he is doing and can pinpoint the right spot to focus on to get you going. Or maybe it's how you learn to let go and just enjoy the moment. And continue enjoying it before, during and after your orgasm.

We asked women what it takes to make them orgasm and what men can learn about how to give her multiple orgasms. So, what makes these women implode over and over again? You may want to forward these answers to the guy in your life so he can take notes.

1. I need a slow build-up.

"I can orgasm several times if my husband stops right before I orgasm the first time. I tell him I'm coming and he'll stop. I'll lose it for a moment and then he'll keep going again. I get like 2 to 3 orgasms after that."

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2. I push through the first orgasm.

"When my boyfriend circles my clitoris and uses medium pressure, I let him keep going. If you ride through the first orgasm, more come after. (Sorry for the pun.)" 

3. Don't stop!

"If it's working, keep going! It will probably work again (and again and again)."

4. A strong connection will get me to climax.

"I recently met a smoking hot guy working on a local film. He was the perfectly muscled, urban outdoorsman, bearded type. Well fell hard and fast for each other, but because of our schedules, it was about four weeks before we slept together. The anticipation alone was enough to make me orgasm from nearly the moment he touched me, but on top of that, the man knew what he was doing. I had four orgasms that night — the first from when fingered me just so (he is a guitar player and really knows how to pluck!), the second from when he went down on me and his beard tickled in all the right places, the third and fourth from penetration (which had NEVER happened before). I've never had that many orgasms in one night before, and while his sexual prowess was definitely a majority of the reason, the anticipation and our insane connection are what really got me off."

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5. Practicing edging always works.

"Edging while using a vibrator, after a glass or two of wine, does it for me every time!"

6. If he pays attention to my boobs, I can have multiple.

"If I am riding a guy and he sucks on my breasts, I can have 2 or 3 orgasms in a row."

7. I use one of my go-to sex toys.

"Sadly, my guy has never made me finish multiple times. However, I have a few toys that have. I stand by the Womanizer or Satisfyer. It gets the job done in under a minute, which is also something my man can't do."


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