3 Baby Rumors And Major Clues That Kate Middleton Is Actually PREGNANT With Her Third Child

Keep breathing.

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There's nothing us peasants love more than seeing our favorite royal family grow. Admittedly, I've gotten more excited about Prince William and Duchess Kate's pregnancy announcements than I have my own cousin's. 

Sorry, not sorry. 

It's been a minute since we've had some baby news from Will and Kate.

While they've been busy with their two kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte, we've been anxiously twiddling our thumbs waiting for the news of baby number three. 


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Of course, Will and Kate are in no way obligated to grace us with another child, but Bey's twins and Kim Kardashian having a third baby via surrogate, we're feeling a little spoiled. 

I mean, remember the goosebumps you had during this iconic moment?

But now everyone is asking: Is Kate Middleton PREGNANT again?!


Earlier this year, we thought Kate might be pregnant after she was sporting what looked like a cute little baby bump and because in many photos following that, she seemed to always have a clutch on hand to conceal her belly. 

But, alas, Kate said those rumors were false and claimed that William doesn't want another child. 

Royal author Phil Dampier told Life & Style that Kate has even joked about the matter. 

"When I spoke to Kate at a reception about 18 months ago, she joked, 'If I got pregnant again now, I think William would be out the door!'"



Insiders (a.k.a. the fictional people we want to believe in these situations) say that while Will is happy with two kids, Kate doesn't feel the family would be complete until they have a third. 

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But good ole Will might not have a choice. Recent royal family events from last week have us believing the Duchess could be pregnant right freakin' now. 

Here's why: 

1. Kate was rushed to hospital last week.



Early last week, Closer Weekly reported that the Duchess was rushed to the hospital in London. She was released the next day and said to have been feeling better towards the end of the week. 

A random rushed hospital visit with no report on what illness or pain Kate was feeling has sparked obvious rumors that she's pregnant. 

So if someone from the royal family could tell us what the eff is going on, that'd be great. 

2. During both of her pregnancies, she was treated for hyperemesis gravidarum.



In 2012, Kate was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum — a complication that causes severe nausea and vomiting — after she was admitted to the hospital during her first pregnancy. 

The illness can result in weight loss and dehydration. 

I don't think it's too crazy to believe that she could be experiencing this complication again. 


3. She teased us a few months ago about having more babies.


Literally just a few WEEKS ago Kate talked publicly about having more kids with Will during an event in Poland. After receiving a gift for a newborn baby (foreshadowing much?), she turned to Will and said: "We will just have to have more babies!" 



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