6 Seriously Unexpected Tips For How To Go Down On A Woman (As Told By A Lesbian)

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Exactly How To Go Down On A Woman (According To An Expert At Lesbian Sex)

Lesbian or rock-star? Either way, that’s what I am, and I’m in the game of pleasing my woman orally.

Oral sex is an important part of lesbian sex and it takes a special kind of person to take pride in the act and to perform it with love and vigor. If you are squeamish around lady parts, you’ve been wanting a crash course on how to improve your oral abilities, or you’re simply curious to know how oral sex goes down between women, lesbian, this is your chance.

So pay attention and follow these six steps to improve your technique for giving a woman pleasure with your mouth.

1. Throw away all inhibitions.

If you worry about faint odors, stray pubic hairs or lingering toilet paper residue — stop! There are ways around all of the little quirks that come along with lady bits.

The key here is to go in head first and check out the scene. If there is an overabundance of hair, gently move it out of your way. If you spot some toilet paper, give her a little rub down to remove the debris. If there's a sweaty odor... get over it. It’s dark, warm, and wet down there most of the time and there's bound to be some sweat.

That's exactly how things are supposed to be, so throw those inhibitions out once and for all.

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2. Warm up your mouth.

Try mouth/facial exercises to warm up before you begin.

Chances are you'll be down there for a few minutes and the last thing you need is a cramp in your tongue or lockjaw. If you’re doing it correctly you may experience some discomfort in your tongue, jaw, and neck.

It comes with the territory. Toughen up.

3. Learn how to breathe while suffocating.

In other words, learn how to NOT breathe. When you are submerged in her vagina, your nose will be surrounded by her flesh and your mouth will be working hard to help support your tongue. The key is to take shallow breaths as your tongue motion goes down and your mouth opens wider towards the bed, floor, or whatever surface your lady is resting on.

You can also open her vulva wider and go in from a side angle, which will allow you to breathe more easily while flicking her with your tongue.

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4. Use your tongue, lips, and fingers.

If you thought you could get away with being lazy while performing oral on your woman, think again. This task is not for the faint of heart and should be done with care. There are rules, but not really.

Use your lips and kiss the clitoris and clitoral hood, utilizing your tongue to massage her inner labia while your hands hold her outer labia open. Stick to a soft touch for the outer labia and lightly massage the area while going at it more intensely around her vagina. You can also insert one or two fingers into her vagina while still working your tongue around her clitoris and clitoral hood.

5. Keep pushing no matter what.

When you feel your girl really getting into it, do NOT stop. Keep pushing.

This may entail not being able to breathe much during a few moments leading up to the big “O” or pressing your face deeper into the great unknown, causing your nose to fold to one side. When you do this, saliva will fall from your mouth, which should have been shut completely over the course of however long you’ve been going at it.

All of these things are signs that your woman is being pleased and that you should keep on going.

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6. Finish the job.

Don’t run from once she started to orgasm. Be open to the flow of it. Don’t expect waterfalls, but you should probably expect some bodily fluid to appear.

This is your time to bask in the glory of completion. Give her vagina a kiss as you to reorient yourself to the world of the breathing. Then proceed with whatever it is you two usually do after oral sex is completed.

Now that you know these "rules" of lesbian love-making, go forth and prosper.

Be one with your inner lesbian. Know that it’s a tough world but someone has to do it — and that person is you. Embrace the vagina and what it encompasses. Take pride in the pleasure that you are giving your partner and know the favor will be returned with just as much eagerness as you’ve shown to your lover.

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