How To Tell If He's Hired An Escort

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In the interview I did with an escort, one thing really stuck out to me as shocking. According to her, men of every walk of life were the ones who hired her. That got me thinking about guys. If every kind of guy hires ladies of the night, then that means that a lot of affairs probably involve hired women.

How can you tell if he’s just having an affair or if he’s literally paying for sex? Well, after doing some sleuthing around, I was able to uncover a couple of major signs that the guy you’re with has hired an escort rather than had an affair. Here's how to tell if a man has hired a prostitute.

1. He goes on sites associated with escorts.

Most women do not know about sites involving escorts, but they probably should. A lot of the sites that escorts use to advertise aren’t Craigslist. They also advertise on things like Big Doggie, SeekingArrangement, CityVibes, and others.

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2. He goes on a lot of chat sites, porn sites, and has sexually charged apps as well.

One thing people don’t realize about escort hirers is that they often have a sex addiction. If it’s to the point that he’s on chat sites or dating apps that are known for being used for flings, there’s a very high likelihood that he may also be looking into prostitutes as a way to get his fix.

3. You notice that he’s making strange ATM cash withdrawals, or money goes missing.

The escort industry is one that is known for using cash payments. So, if you notice regular ATM withdrawals or unexplained losses of $100 or more, it could be that he’s using that money to pay for sex. (It’s also worth noting that a typical hour for an escort would start around $200 in most places, so keep that in mind.)

4. You’ve seen him using a cheap cellphone or alternate accounts, but he denies it up and down.

These alternate email accounts and cheap cellphones are known as “boosters” or “jump phones,” and according to private investigators, are often a telltale sign that he’s doing something sketchy. They’re made to be disposable at the drop of a hat, and if you’ve caught him using one and he’s denying it’s his, it’s clear something’s up.

5. He’s constantly broke, even though he has a well-paying job.

This is often a sign of an affair but tends to be even more pronounced with escort use. After all, those girls charge hundreds per hour.

6. He came home with a disease.

If you notice strange STD-type rashes down there, it’s proof positive that he’s having sex with someone else. Though some prostitutes do have STDs that they transmit, most do insist on safety first in that department. Even so, it’s a clear enough indicator to confront him.

7. You notice that there are ads for sugar daddy dating sites and escort services when you use his computer.

Most websites have something called targeted advertising, which takes into account things that you have recently searched. If you notice sugar daddy sites and escort services on ads, then you may have to have a talk with him.

8. He’s been exhibiting a lot of the signs of an affair, but still seems emotionally bonded to you.

Escort hiring is all about sex and validation, and you know what? Those are two of three things that affairs offer. Affairs also offer “emotional fulfillment” in many cases, and that’s where the two differ. Sex is just sex when it’s with an escort. If he’s still acting the same with you, but has had a drop in libido and is inexplicably tight on cash, an escort might be the issue.

9. You called a strange number you found on his phone, and it’s an escort service.

A lot of women want to believe that calling an escort service isn’t the same as offering their services. Get real. If he’s calling escorts, you shouldn’t delude yourself into thinking he’s not using them. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

10. You’re finding receipts for hotels, and he’s not on business trips.

Be particularly careful if the hotels charge by the hour. This is definitely how to tell if a man has hired a prostitute or is seeing someone else.

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11. You find out he’s into crazy things, but he’s never approached you about it.

Did you find a ball gag in his bag? Did you notice that he’s into crazy fetish porn, but keeps things vanilla with you? Though this might just be a bad Madonna-Whore complex issue, it also suggests a higher chance that he may pay someone else to get his jollies off.

12. The car smells like sex, or you notice some very unusual stains in his car.

Another common way that men solicit prostitutes is via a “car date.” If you notice semen stains in the backseat, opened condom wrappers, or footprints on the windows, it’s possible he was hiring an escort or just cheating on you.

13. You’ve caught him doing this before.

Guys who are willing to pay for sex while in a relationship generally don’t change. It’s not a one-off thing; it’s who he is. So, if he’s doing this, it may be time to get out. 

Check out the video below to see how women really feel about men who hire prostitutes:


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