8 Truths About Loving A Christian Woman (As Written By One)

She wants to love you through it all, and she’s ready for anything life throws at you.

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Finding the perfect man is a difficult task. You might meet him as a tween and stick it out through those awkward years, or finally hit it off with one of your coworkers in your established field.

Either way, I believe that God knows the desires of our hearts, so if you’re beginning to get impatient in the waiting game to find that special someone, He is asking you to be patient and trust in the plan.


Dating in the Christian world is a bit different from modern dating. No, we do not all court each other under strict guidelines and specifications made by our parents. That would be weird. Dating a woman of faith means laughing together, sharing similar beliefs, and treating one another with respect — everything you’d expect in any balanced relationship.


But the difference is that it’s intentional and centered on God, and less prone to flings and casual relationships.

Every woman is unique in what she wants her dating life to looks like. It’s no different with a Christian woman. She may want to wait until later in life to settle down because she wants to take the time to make herself the best she can be for her future husband. Or, she may want to get married right away and have children because that’s what she feels called to do.

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But one thing is certain: she’s waiting for God’s best and will continue to look for him until she’s sure, even if it goes against life plans she had for herself.


Love catches you off guard. It may come when you’re looking in the most unexpected places or be standing right in front of your eyes without you knowing it just yet. But a Christ-centered woman does not take love and relationships lightly because she knows that God intended marriage for a sacred purpose.

Understanding how to love a Christian woman is going to take faith, dedication, and a whole lot of Jesus. Here’s what you can expect in a relationship.

1. God is at the center of the couple.



The only way for a faith-based relationship to thrive is for God to be in the middle of it all. A Christian woman will want the purity of your love to be centered on the fact that it’s a gift given to you by The Lord. She knows that God brought the two of you together and she’ll want to continue to serve him as a couple.

This could mean serving in the church together, studying the Bible with one another, and assuring that everything you do is good in the eyes of God.

2. She’ll need space for individual growth.

Yes, she absolutely wants to grow in Christ together, and the only way to do that is to assure that her personal relationship with God is strong. The two of you have to have individual walks of faith that can come together. An imbalance can make a strong relationship difficult.


She wants you to have your own passions, hobbies, and most of all, a personal relationship with God. Every couple is different and some may need more space to follow separate interests than others, and that’s perfectly fine. But no matter the relationship, a Christian woman is going to want you to encourage her to pursue her walk with Christ on her own before you do so as a couple.

3. She’s going to be excited to introduce you to her church family.

If you thought meeting the parents would be nerve-wracking, just wait until you meet the rest of the family. That’s right, her church family is a big deal, too. But there’s really no need to worry because these are all people who just want to get to know everything your girlfriend loves about you!

4. She wants to pray with you and for you.


For a Christian woman, prayer is one of the core foundations of every aspect of life, and that absolutely includes your relationship. She wants to know your struggles so she knows how to pray for you. She loves to spend time in prayer together, making an effort to slow down and focus on the needs you both have at the moment.

5. She wants to do life with you.


Does she want you two to have your own lives? Of course! But she also wants to enjoy the monotonous aspects of life with you too. Grocery shopping, doctor visits, and trips to the bank — she wants to do it all because a life partner chosen by God is one she can see herself doing the duller parts of life with.

6. She wants to be second.

When you’re with the person you love, nothing else seems to matter in the world. They become your best friend and the person you go to in times of need. But learning how to love a Christian woman means putting her second in your life.

She wants to know that you cherish and value her companionship, but not more than you cherish that of The Lord. She needs you to put your relationship with God above all else, including herself.


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7. She wants you to know the difference between love and romance.

Romance is a wonderful thing. Candle lit dinners, day trips to vineyards in the countryside, and bouquets of flowers are all material things that can express your feelings toward someone. Love is a completely different idea.


For the Christian woman, love is letting your actions speak louder than words, making efforts to show dedication to improvement when difficulties arise in the relationship, and letting her know in a real, genuine way how much she means to you. In a loving relationship, she may or may not want all of the frills that come with romance, but what she does want is for you to show her that she matters to you.

8. She’s looking for maturity.

The Christian woman knows how important the devotion of love and potential marriage is, so she’s really not going to settle for just anyone. She wants you to show you have the maturity it takes to be in a responsible, dedicated relationship. Maturity means being strong in your faith, knowing how to take care of a household as a couple, and being able to make important decisions regarding future pursuits of finance and family.


Nobody is perfect, and she doesn’t expect you to be because she’s definitely not perfect either. She only wants to rest assured that you’re heading down a path toward becoming the man God has intended you to be.

Loving a Christian woman means being with someone who knows her worth in God. She’s probably got a crazy church family and will want to spend her days simply doing life with you — the fun and the boring parts. But when it comes down to it she’ll always be by your side. She wants to love you through it all, and she’s ready for anything life throws at you.

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Hannah Dodd is an editorial intern pursuing an undergraduate degree in journalism. She is a firm believer in the power of writing, coffee, and Jesus.