The Truth About Mirror Sex —​ Why So Many People LOVE Watching Themselves Have Sex

Come on... You know you've tried to sneak a peek!

Why Do People Like Watching Themselves Have 'Mirror Sex'? weheartit

Enjoying sexual activity in front of a mirror, also known as katoptronophilia, is surprisingly common. It’s depicted in adult films, mainstream movies, and songs and we've all seen photos of erotic hotels with mirrors on the ceiling over the beds specifically in order to fulfill this fantasy.

Here are just 8 reasons people find "mirror sex" to be such a huge turn on. 

1. Sexuality is often very closely tied to our visual experience.


We get turned on by seeing our partner’s body, their movements, and facial experiences. So, why wouldn’t we be turned on by seeing our own reaction to pleasure? Having that pleasure-packed visual is a powerful turn-on that brings your sensuality to life and heightens your arousal, even when you’re observing your own pleasure.



2. You get to be a voyeur and an exhibitionist.

When you watch yourself have sex, you get to simultaneously be a voyeur and an exhibitionist. It is similar to voyeurism because you enjoy watching someone have sex, but different than voyeurism because you’re watching yourself. Plus, voyeurism often has a covert “hidden” or “spying” element to the fantasy, whereas watching oneself is an overt act.

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3. It happens in real time.

Watching yourself have sex can be a beautiful and arousing experience. You get to see the physical manifestation of your own pleasure from a third-person perspective. You also get to see yourself from your partner’s point of view — from your arched back to your mouth opened wide — which can be thrilling. And you get to see both yourself and your partner from more angles which are usually hidden, giving you a fresh perspective, increased confidence and a new appreciation for how hot you each truly are.


4. It’s a hot way to connect with your partner.

It’s not just about seeing yourself. It’s also a uniquely sexy way to connect with your partner. When you’re having sex in front of a mirror, you can see each other’s facial expressions, look into each other's eyes, and gauge each other’s pleasure in positions where you’re typically facing away from each other. You can also get a new perspective of your partner’s body, including the areas that usually face away from you. And by reading their facial expressions and watch their reactions to see what’s working you can both make things even better for each other. 

5. It can make you more confident.


Some people may find the experience distracting or uncomfortable, especially if they’re typically uncomfortable with their bodies or find the mirror to be too kinky or distracting for their taste, but, others find this to be a thrilling way to explore their own bodies and appearance, especially during sex. Seeing yourself putting on a sexy “performance” while naturally high on the positive feelings induced by chemicals our bodies release during sex can help you to feel more confident about yourself!

6. Anyone can enjoy it.


Sexual fantasies are for everyone, and you don’t have to be an American-Psycho-style narcissist to enjoy a mirror fantasy. For some people, it may be a narcissistic experience, if they only focus on themselves and how great they look. But to most people, it’s a unique way to enjoy visual stimulation in real time. You also get the feeling of simultaneously watching and being watched, or being in your own skin flick.

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7. You’ll feel like you’re the star of your own "adult" film.


Sometimes, the voyeuristic aspects of watching yourself in the mirror might even feel like you’re the star in your very own pornographic photo shoot! Many people get so lost in the moment that they're able to stop focusing on their imperfections and more fully enjoy the sensual show that they’re performing.

8. You might even want to film it.


Many people film themselves having sex to get the rush and thrill of performing for the camera as if they’re shooting their own movie. The unique feeling of creating a sexy show is all they need, even if it’s just for their own personal enjoyment. Some people like to save a memory of the moment and love being able to go back to watch themselves have sex, and some even do this so they can review themselves in order to perfect their technique! 

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