7 Thoughts That Go Through Everyone's Head When Having "Mirror Sex"

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Mirror sex can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, you can get a much better view of the action; on the other hand, some things just weren't meant to be seen.

You think you're critical of yourself in front of a mirror? Try checking yourself out when you're sweaty and can hide nothing.

But it's not all bad. In theory, the person you're in bed with is someone you want to see naked. In that case, the mirror just provides more angles for you to appreciate the view.

Having the mirror there changes the equation for sure, and here's what you're going to be reflecting on while you're getting down:

Is this really what I look like naked? Is it possible to have sex with clothes on?

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Oh, DEAR GOD, my "O-face" is almost scary enough to stop me from having an "O" altogether.

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O face

I think I have a 2-for-1 coupon for Windex at Walmart ...

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So much for all that effort I put into hair and makeup.

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Shake head

I think I've spent more time looking at myself in the mirror than the actual person I'm having sex with right now.

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Aaaand we just locked eyes in the mirror. AWKWARD.

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OMG I can see everything.

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