Meet The People Who Have Sex With The Devil

These people had sex with the most bad of all the bad boys.

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Is Satan the ultimate bad boy? The bad boy allure has been around for a long time and apparently, some people are so die hard for this type that the Devil has become their crush. Apparently, the Devil has been turning people on for centuries, with some even claiming to have done the deed with the big man down south.



So, who are these people having sex with the Devil and how did they manage to hop in bed with Him and live to tell the tale?

A piece on Vice delved deeply into Devil worship, sex with demons, and how this practice and belief was completely normal.

This might be surprising to you (or entirely expected), but many of these demon lovers have been quite religious. In fact, one description of sex with the Devil comes from Genesis 6:4. In this Biblical scripture, King James says:

"There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."


While it definitely sounds like he’s talking about sex with demons, members of the church have been trying to deny it for years. They try to play it off, saying that what the king really meant was that these giants were actually half human, half angel. Yeah, sure they were, guys.

You better believe that witches were accused of getting it on with the Devil, too. During the Christian-led witch hunt days, many of these women were said to have committed this horrible crime.



According to a quote in Pagan Portals: Pan, Dr. Hope Robbins said, "The curiosity of the judges [at witch trials] was insatiable to learn all the possible details as to sexual intercourse, and their industry in pushing the examinations was rewarded by an abundance of foul imaginations."

The author of Pagan Portals: Pan, Melusine Draco, said that this resulted in “...a combination of prurient inquisitors and hysterical women about to be burned or hanged produced most of the accounts, which are completely the product of erotic and neurotic imaginations."

So, I know that you’re probably all wondering what the Devil’s, you know... penis was like. Don’t worry, there are accounts of that too. In 1485, an account was written that described the Devil’s member as "extremely fleshy" and that the witches who fornicated with him "for several days afterward remain[ed] worn out."

Several days? That sounds pretty intense.


One witch said that the Devil’s mouth was "as cold as clay" while another said that his semen was "intolerably cold." Others described his penis as being forked, (um, how does that work exactly?) and according to one woman, his penis was "as cold as a piece of ice."

In, The Witch in History: Early Modern and Twentieth-Century Representatives, the story of a woman who admitted to witchcraft and the killing of children was included. She said that demonic imps fed off of her after she had done the deed with the Devil. "Her imps hang in her secret parts in a bag and her husband saw it, and that these imps sucked on her.'"


While people having sex with the Devil has been historically looked down upon, it wasn’t all bad. In fact, The Book of Oberon, written during the 16th Century witch hunting times, gives instructions on how to actually enjoy sex with a supernatural being.

"The spell includes carefully preparing yourself, as well as the bed, table, and room, with a magic circle and wand," says Joseph Peterson, an expert on the occult. "Three fairies (named Micoll, Titam, and Burfex) are called forth, and entertained with food and drink, then one of them will agree to stay and fulfill your requests, including providing a ring of invisibility."

In this particular passage, the author explains how readers can have their way with a fairy. After choosing one out of the three fairies to get frisky with, she will "hasten to rest herself in this most sacred bed." Usually, she "will try to cheat you, saying, 'I cannot grant your petitions yet, but if you lie down with me, I believe I will satisfy you well enough.'" After the sex, however, "you will no longer be able to compel her because you will then be impure."

But if you’re able to get the ring before having sex with the fairy, " can do whatever you wish with her" afterward. (The author assures that the "creature" will be most gentle and sexual: "I have tried this many times."


Medieval literature often refers to supernatural beings who seek out humans to cross-breed with. Other stories talk about demons like Lilith, who are known to disguise themselves as humans in order to have sex with them.

Yuki-onna is a Japanese demon who is said to pleasure men until they die, while Lamia is a Greek demon who disguises herself as a beautiful woman to have sex with men and then drain them of their blood. Even the famous wizard Merlin is said to have had a demon for a dad.


Oh, and you know the mythical woman who appears on the Starbucks cups? Yeah, she was one of those frisky spirits who liked getting naughty with humans too. Who knew!?

Want to know more about the occult? Check out the video below for information on what happens when you practice magick:



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