7 Best Sex Positions For A One-Night Stand (When You'll Never See Him Again)

Not awkward.

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One-night stands are great for fulfilling your wildest desires. And though you may regret it in the morning, it could be the best way to act out your fantasies.

"Most women are not used to being bold in the bedroom and if they have the opportunity for a one-night stand, I encourage them to let a different side of their normal nature come out. In most cases this means asking them to be a 'bad girl' whose only concern in the bedroom is making sure that she has her own incredible, tow-curling orgasm," says Sunny Rodgers, a clinical sexologist who serves as Ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association. 


If asked about the best sex positions for a one-night stand, most often, Rodgers suggests Reverse Cowgirl just because it’s a sex position that isn’t romantic and puts her in control of the thrusting.

Check out the video below for some of the craziest one-night stand stories:

But there's also another reason: "It turns her away from her lover's face so she can fantasize that he is anyone she wants him to be. Plus, this unexpected position will give sex an air of mystery and will make this the night he brags to his friends about," she says.


But what about men? Certainly, they should have some say in the best sex positions for a one-night stand, right?

"For men, I recommend bending their lover forward over a bed or couch and entering from behind. This is twofold — first, this allows him to fantasize about whoever he wants while enjoying the sexy curves of his partner’s back, and because in this position he can thrust significantly deeper. This means not only will he get unencumbered satisfaction, but his partner will experience every inch which will make for a one-night stand worth sharing with their friends," continues Rodgers.

So, which sex positions should you try in your next encounter?

1. Against the Wall


"Have you always wanted to be taken against the wall or door? Of course, you have! It's hot. And a one-night stand is a perfect opportunity to realize this fantasy," says Antonia Hall, MA., a psychologist, relationship expert, and sexpert.

2. Doggie Style


Remove the potential awkwardness of a hookup with this animalistic sex position.

"Keep it spicy by taking her over the sofa, counter or desk. Don't forget to utilize the bonus ability of easy access to clitoral stimulation with fingers or a toy," says Hall.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

Have him sit at the end of the bed and she can lower herself down on him, giving her control over speed and depth. Plus, hands are free to roam wherever extra pleasure can be found for him and her. 


4. Girl on Top

Just straddle them and then take control. Isn't a one-night stand about just going for it?

5. Downward Dog


Use this common yoga position to amp up the carnal nature of your hookup. It's primal, hot, and will help make your one-night stand a more enjoyable memory. Just be careful; I've broken a bed or two with this one

6. Wheelbarrow

Take downward dog to an advanced level with the wheelbarrow sex position.


"She lifts her feet so he is holding them. She can lean on her forearms if it's too challenging to support herself on her hands. The blood rushing to her head can add to the stimulation, but she should lift her head occasionally and be aware of when she needs to get right side up again," says Hall.

7. Wild Card


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You are only having sex with this guy once (at least that's what you think now), so go for the position YOU enjoy the most and that you're sure will help you orgasm. Isn't that what this is all about, anyway?


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