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12 Zodiac Sign Pairs That Rub Each Other The Wrong Way

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Who Rubs You The Wrong Way, Based On Your Zodiac Sign.

No matter how you might try, you can’t get along with everyone. There are some people who, without any malice on their part, rub you the wrong way. Some of these people you can tolerate but others you can’t stand to be around and it can get so bad that you can consider them an enemy.

All of us have unique personalities with our own set of quirks and characteristics and sometimes our traits don’t mesh well with others. Though your horoscope might tell you to take the high road, you struggle to accept people you don't get along with.

Are there some people you instantly dislike or maybe you started out being okay with them but over time they started getting on your nerves?

Check out the video below for tips on how to deal with people you don't like:

There are times when you have to get along with someone you don’t really mix well with such as someone in your partner’s immediate family, a co-worker, or someone who is in a position of power over you. It’s not easy but you grit your teeth and try to get through your interaction with them. When someone rubs you the wrong way, generally, you don’t hate them; they’re more of a minor irritation than a threat.

It can be challenging to stay cool when someone is bugging the hell out of you or who does something that’s harmful or negative against you and you’re forced to get along with them. You don’t want to create unnecessary drama but where is the point that annoying becomes damaging? It’s important to guard yourself against attacks to your self-esteem and confidence.

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Sometimes the things that bug us the most about others are qualities that we ourselves have but are blind to. It’s good to examine why someone isn’t your kind of person in order to get a clearer view of ourselves.

If certain zodiac signs have specific qualities, it makes sense that there might be a correlation between the kind of person you can’t get along with and the sign they were born under. Here are the zodiac signs who rub people the wrong way.

ARIES & Pisces

zodiac signs who rub people the wrong way, zodiac signs

You don't have the time to make sure you are taking care of Pisces' feelings and aren't saying the wrong thing. They're just too damn sensitive for you and they take their time at all kinds of inopportune moments. You don't get how they can be perfectly happy staring off into space and that they don't care if they finish their "to do" list or not. Secretly, you think they're lazy babies and need someone to give them a big push out of their comfort zone.


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TAURUS & Gemini

zodiac signs who rub people the wrong way, zodiac signs

Geminis are way too flaky and untrustworthy for your liking. You take a long time to vet somebody and they don't have the patience for the hoops you want them to pass through to earn your friendship. Geminis are too superficial and inconsistent for you. Oh, and their constant questioning of everything really works your last nerve. 


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GEMINI & Capricorn

zodiac signs who rub people the wrong way, zodiac signs

You think Capricorns take everything way too seriously; in fact, you sometimes wonder if they have any sense of humor at all. Honestly, Capricorns are much too hard working and boring for you. And you have no problem leaving them off your permanent guest list since they bring every party down with how fatalistic and pessimistic they are. 


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CANCER & Sagittarius

zodiac signs who rub people the wrong way, zodiac signs

It rubs you the wrong way how Sagittarius just leaves whenever they want and how they just don't seem to care. They're too irresponsible, tactless, and restless for your liking. You've been burned before by a Sagittarius and you're on guard about their insensitive and self-serving personalities.


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LEO & Virgo

zodiac signs who rub people the wrong way, zodiac signs

You've had it with Virgo's constant questioning of you and your authority. It feels as if they put you under a microscope and are examining everything about you. It seems like every time you meet a Virgo, you get into a power struggle with them. You think Virgos are tight-asses who suffer from advanced cases of perfectionism and that's so not you.


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VIRGO & Cancer

zodiac signs who rub people the wrong way, zodiac signs

You like facts and figures, things that have solid evidence behind them, and Cancers are all about their feelings. The truth is that Cancers are annoying AF and that if you have to hear another one whine about their feelings, you'll scream. In addition, you don't appreciate how they always seem to think that they have you all figured out, that you don't even need to speak for them to know the 411 on you. Not even, Cancer.


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LIBRA & Sagittarius

zodiac signs who rub people the wrong way, zodiac signs

Sagittarius is one of the zodiac signs who rub people the wrong way because of their inability to see things from any other point of view than their own. Their self-centeredness is obnoxious and they're so full of themselves that they miss how amazing you are. They barely let you get in a word edgewise and the only person's jokes they laugh at are their own. You also hate it the way they tend to start arguments just because they love a good debate. 


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zodiac signs who rub people the wrong way, zodiac signs

Libras are big fat liars — well, maybe not all of them but a lot of them lie as naturally as they breathe. Sure, they may be trying to be gracious or protect someone's feelings but you don't appreciate liars, not even a little bit. You also don't like how Libras can change in an instant, especially if they think it will avoid some kind of unpleasantness. Libras are too frivolous and impetuous for you.


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zodiac signs who rub people the wrong way, zodiac signs

You don't like the way Leos are always trying to hog the limelight. You're spectacular and a star in your own right, so you don't want to have to play second fiddle to anybody. You think that Leos are intolerant, patronizing, and too emphatic when it comes to their opinions. Whenever there's a Leo in the room, it feels as if all the air has been sucked out to make room for their over-inflated ego.


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zodiac signs who rub people the wrong way, zodiac signs

In some ways, you see yourself in a Taurus: You're both patient, determined, and security loving. What you don't get is how greedy and self-indulgent they can be. You know the value of a dollar but it seems as if Taurus couldn't care less about what something costs if they've decided they want it. In addition, you find it a character flaw that they're so stubborn and will rarely acquiesce to the fact that sometimes they're wrong about something.


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zodiac signs who rub people the wrong way, zodiac signs

You want to give back to the world and feel that Aries is too self-centered to do anything for anybody but themselves. They wear their vanity proudly and embrace their flaws as if they were assets. You hate the way Aries always have to be doing something and that they can never just chill. You like innovative thinkers which you don't think Aries is.


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PISCES & Scorpio

zodiac signs who rub people the wrong way, zodiac signs

You're easy going and laid-back so the high-octane energy of Scorpio really gets on your nerves. Why do they have to be so intense? It's always about the drama with the Scorpio and they're so uptight about everything, especially truth-telling. Oh, their overt sexuality doesn't mesh with your romanticism. Yep, if there's a party of all Scorpios, you'll be sending your regrets.


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