This Woman Dressed As An Unsolicited D*ck Pic And The Costume Is AMAZING

unsolicited dick pic costume

Can we all please stop what we’re doing and bow down to this genius woman and her crafty costume idea?

I love any reason to get dressed in a costume, yet somehow, when the time comes, I can never think of anything that intriguing. I end up in a cheap, overpriced Cleopatra costume that I buy the day of Halloween. This is my epic stab at costume creativity.

But not this diva. She had the most epic costume idea ever: an unsolicited d*ck pic costume.

Clementine Ford, an Australian writer, tweeted a picture of her friend Amy dressed up as an unsolicited d*ck pic for a party. The post went viral, partly because millennial women live on the internet and they are the group of people who most often get assaulted with the ever popular, usually unwanted, d*ck pic.

Photo: Instagram

The costume is made up of a hat shaped exactly like a penis, and a text conversation that gives context to the unwanted picture.

The woman was attending an internet-themed party and really pulled off an extremely relevant unsolicited d*ck pic costume. I hope that there were prizes because this chick really deserves first place.

Like all things controversial, there were mixed reviews from people on Twitter. However, many people jumped right on board and thought the costume was great. Some even commented with their own jokes like, “Was she actually invited to the party?”

Aside from getting a good laugh at the photos, the woman behind this genius penis costume probably inspired tons of Halloween getups for this upcoming holiday.

While I won’t necessarily be jumping on board with my own version of this costume, it certainly has inspired me to up my game this year, especially when it comes to all things penis-related. And because I find it particularly feminist, it has inspired me even more so to craft a female-friendly costume this Halloween season. Any ideas are welcome!

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Watch the video below to get inside the mind of a man who sends women d*ck pics:


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