Harry Styles Has a New Girlfriend! Facts, Rumors & Details About Model Camille Rowe

harry styles girlfriend camille rowe

Has she captured Harry's heart? Only time will tell!

Harry Styles might have left One Direction, but it looks like he took the name to heart for his romantic entanglements.

The 23-year-old singer and musician is reportedly “besotted” by another Victoria’s Secret angel by the name of Camille Rowe. She is the third Victoria's Secret model he’s been spotted out and about with, following relationships with both Sara Sampaio and Nadine Leopold. There's no denying that he has a taste for gorgeous women who can sport sexy lingerie!

Harry Styles, who recently released brand new music on his solo album titled Harry Styles, has been seen out and about with Camille Rowe lately, including going together to a concert in New York together just over the weekend where it looks like love may have begun blossoming.

This news comes just shortly after his breakup with food blogger Tess Ward earlier this year. 

But much to the disappointment of many of Harry’s fans who may have just gotten used to Tess —  some of whom have been loyally cheering him on since his One Direction days — both Harry and Camille seem to be happy together and excited to be in one another’s company. It's unlikely that they've been dating long, but Camille Rowe has already become quite a source of intrigue for many One Directioners following the singer's love life with aplomb. 

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According to an inside source who is close to Styles, he and Camille are only in the “early stages of dating.” This source also believes that since Harry is protective of his relationships (likely due to his fans' sometimes overwhelming curiosity) that he “won’t want to make a big show of things” in their relationship. They believe that he will keep things with Camille quiet, so right now there's a lot of rumor and speculation about who Camille Rowe is, how she and Harry might have met, and how long they've been together.

So just who is Harry Styles' new girlfriend, and what is important to know about her?

Here are facts, rumors, and details that you need to know about Camille Rowe:

1. Camille is a French-American citizen.

Coy AF @zalando #zalandostyle

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Her father, a Frenchman, met her mother, an American, who was a model and dancer at Le Lido Club in France. Camille was born in Paris and spent her childhood between France and the States. She moved to America when she was 21 and now lives in Los Angeles, California.

2. She has been a model for nearly 10 years!

Thank you for having me as the face of new campaign! @ippolitajewelry #paoloroversi #TheStyleofI #ippolita

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Camille was discovered in her hometown of Paris when she was only 18 years old. She was spotted by a modeling agent in a café in Le Marais in Paris while she was studying for university, and since then has made quite the name for herself.

She has been in numerous campaigns during her modeling career, including Dior Homme—where she starred alongside Robert Pattinson, no less—Vogue Paris, H&M, Louis Vuitton, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Tommy Hilfiger. And that’s just to name a few! She has been a Victoria’s Secret angel since her debut on the walkway in 2016, and was absolutely delighted to get her chance to strut her stuff for the first time at their fashion show.

“At this point, I’m just excited to get on the runway,” she told Vogue. “There’s about two million cameras, so at the end of the day you can do what you want and you’ll still look good.”

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3. She’s dated a few other famous people, too!

Before the budding romance with Harry Styles, Camille was dating Cam Avery, an Australian musician with the bands Pond and Tame Impala, and the lead singer of his own band, The Growl. Before that, she also dating Andrew VanWyngarden, the lead singer and guitar player for the popular band MGMT. There were rumors that she and Robert Pattinson had gotten involved during their 2013 Dior Homme shoot, but these seemed to not amount to much since it seems that Robert was involved with several models during that shoot.

A couple of years back, she was dating fellow model and American skateboarder Dylan Rieder, who sadly passed away in October of 2016 after a years-long battle with leukemia due to immune weakness from cancer treatments. Camille’s Instagram is still filled with pictures of them together, and many of Harry’s fans have expressed dismay at her devotion to her lost love, but really, it's very sweet how much she loved him. It shows just how devotional she can be to her loves, which is a beautiful thing!

4. Last year in 2016, she was featured in Playboy.

She appeared on the cover of their April 2016 spread as their Playmate of the Month, looking gorgeous as all get out.

Does this mean I'll be getting a lifetime supply of @aesopskincare soap? SICK

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5. Camille is also an aspiring actress.  

Though some people question her involvement with MGMT’s lead singer, it does lend some credence to the idea that they were together since she starred in the music video for the band’s song Alien Days.

She has also appeared in a music video for The Strokes’ Call Me Back, as well as in several French films. There is Our Day Will Come, where she acts alongside Vincent Cassel — one of the stars of Black Swan — and a comedy called Rock ‘n Roll, starring the model as herself. She has also been in a film called The Ideal, and a short film called Ascension.

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6. Harry Styles’ fans have been letting their ... "displeasure" over the relationship be known quite vocally…

On Camille’s Instagram where she goes by the name of "FingerMonkey," there has been a staggering amount of hate once news broke that Harry was potentially dating the model who is four years older than him. Some of it is absolutely just insane, to be perfectly clear.

Comments via Instagram

While some are reacting negatively, others still are trying to be respectful and remind people that Harry Styles is about spreading love and peace — not attacking and bullying people online.

Right now there is a huge controversy over Harry's potential relationship with Camille Rowe among his most die-hard fans, and a few of them are even going so far as to try and rein in some rather "exuberant" fans and let them know that who Harry Styles dates is entirely up to him — not them.

Some of them seem to think it’s their solemn duty to protect Harry from a “porn star.” (Which Camille is not, by the way.)

Even more interestingly, a surprising number of the people commenting negatively on her page seem to mostly be angry that she’s upsetting their “Larry” ship that promotes rumors that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, who are well known as best friends, are secretly in a romantic relationship together.

Some of the commenters went so far as to accuse Camille of being a "beard" to cover up Harry's gay romantic inclinations.

Comments via Instagram

Sorry to break it to you folks, but Louis Tomlinson himself came forward and announced that not only were the rumors not true, but the crazy fan theories put a strain on his friendship with Harry Styles and were disrespectful to his girlfriend, Eleanor.

So while this time is certainly in a bit of upheaval, we wish both Harry and Camille happiness in the start of their relationship, because she seems like a great person that makes him happy.