Grapefruiting: The New Sex Technique Men Are BEGGING For

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grapefruiting sex technique

I’m totally into grapefruit EVERYTHING. If it’s a flavor in a beer, I’ll order it. If a new face wash offers a kick of that delectable pink citrus, I’ll totally buy it. Forget the old strawberries and whipped cream act because grapefruit is totally in.

But while there are grapefruit scented soaps and beers, it's also a great addition when giving your man a blowjob. It's called grapefruiting. 

You may be asking yourself, what the heck is grapefruiting? And how do you do it when giving a blowjob? 

Not only is it a great name for a sex technique, even though grapefruits are pretty, smell phenomenal, and taste amazing.

This grapefruiting sex technique was actually introduced to many of us after watching the movie Girls Trip, when Tiffany Haddish's character demonstrates it to Jada Pinkett-Smith.

This juicy trick is one that men seem to love as it makes it feel like they are being orally AND vaginally pleasured. If your man didn’t like grapefruit before, this is a pretty good way of convincing him.

To get things started, get your guy hard, at least enough to get his member standing upright. Before that, though, make sure to prepare a juicy grapefruit by cutting a hole in the middle (big enough for your man’s penis) and then slicing the fruit from bottom to top.

Once everything is all set up, slide the grapefruit over his penis in a twisting motion using both your mouth and your hands. If you happen to be into this grapefruiting sex technique, this will work out beautifully for the both of you.

He will have double the pleasure and you will get a tasty treat added to your sexy time. Just be careful that neither of you gets squirted in the eye, because the stinging may kill the mood.

Juicing up your sex life is usually worth the time and energy, but by adding a grapefruit to the mix, you really won’t have to try too hard. Happy grapefruiting

If you want to make sure you get things right, check out the video tutorial so that you can be prepared for the bedroom: