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Each Zodiac Sign's Worst Trait (That Really Turn Men Off)

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zodiac signs' worst traits

As much as we want our partners to think that we’re perfect in every way, we also want them to be accepting of us in the ways that aren’t that attractive, endearing, or awesome. We want to know that when we’re not at our best, they’ll still be there for us and when the less admirable of ourselves are demonstrated that they’ll still love us. Heck, we probably look at our horoscope for some piece of mind.

When they say, “For better or for worse” they’re not just talking about the weather or natural disasters — they’re talking about when we snap, when we’re angry for no reason, or when we can’t stop crying. No one is in a happy mood all the time nor are they 100 percent confident. We all go through times when we feel less than hopeful or when we knowingly do stupid things.

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When we’re vulnerable and we reveal our true selves, we want to be accepted and still loved. It takes courage to say, “Yes, me too.” We don’t want our significant others to run the other direction at the first sight of the flawed, imperfect versions of ourselves.

Want to know more about your worst (and BEST) traits? Watch the video below:

The funny thing is you may not be aware of how much your partner does know about you and how they made peace with all your quirks, fails, and negative qualities a long time ago.

They embrace them enough to not use them against you in a fight but they also don’t quietly seethe about them either. They know they’ve got a whole list of unattractive traits too and that you’re kind and loving enough to accept them.

Sometimes you and your partner even share the same negative characteristics and that’s why you get along so well. You’re lucky when you can be your true self and not have to worry about keeping up a persona of perfection.

Here are the zodiac signs' worst traits and what he secretly thinks is the worst thing about you.

ARIES: He thinks you're rash.

zodiac signs' worst traits, zodiac signs

There are times that you act too hastily or you make a decision without taking the time to consider all the alternatives and consequences. He loves your spontaneity and enthusiasm but thinks you could be a little less impulsive and irresponsible. 


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TAURUS: He thinks you're too stubborn.

zodiac signs' worst traits, zodiac signs

He's learned to accept your "My way or the highway" philosophy and he also knows that he needs to choose his battles because it's so difficult for you to give in or compromise. However, your stubbornness can be exhausting. He'd love for you to occasionally admit that you're wrong or try to see things from his point of view. Your inflexibility can take some getting used to.


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GEMINI: He thinks you're inconsistent.

zodiac signs' worst traits, zodiac signs

One minute you're arguing one point of view and then next, you're arguing the opposite. You can be the most responsible person on earth and the least, so he sometimes doesn't know which version of you that he's going to get. Being consistent doesn't mean boring, it means being reliable and not making people regret trusting that you'll do what you say you'll do.


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CANCER: He thinks you're needy.

zodiac signs' worst traits, zodiac signs

You demand a lot from the people in your life and your partner is no exception. You're always wanting — you want him to spend more time with you, you don't want him to leave you alone, you want him to listen to you whenever you need to vent, and it goes on and on. You need to trust that he loves you and give him a little breathing room.


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LEO: He thinks you're a drama queen.

zodiac signs' worst traits, zodiac signs

You tend to make everything a huge deal. It appears that just letting something go isn't in your nature. Sometimes it's exhausting to have to listen to you rant and back you up when you feel that you've been wronged or slighted. The world doesn't revolve around you, even if it feels that way to you. He'd like to be taken into the equation some of the time.


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VIRGO: He thinks you're rude.

zodiac signs' worst traits, zodiac signs

Sometimes you just don't have a filter and you say what's on your mind, even when the situation is inappropriate. It's great that you know the importance of expressing yourself and your feelings but it's not so great when it's unkind and mean. It's alright to consider what you're going to say before you say it. Being polite and having good manners isn't a bad thing and having those qualities may help you in life.


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LIBRA: He thinks you're too gullible.

zodiac signs' worst traits, zodiac signs

You tend to believe those whom you feel are your superiors. You're not being disobedient if you don't believe everything you hear. Questioning authority can be a good thing; actually, it can be a great thing. And not all discussion lead to arguments and conflict. The next time someone tries to give you something for nothing, stop to think about what they'd have to gain, you don't want to get played.


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SCORPIO: He thinks you're vindictive.

zodiac signs' worst traits, zodiac signs

When you get angry with someone or you think they betrayed you or did you wrong, you don't let it go. You feel justified for cutting someone out of your life for telling a little white lie. When you hold so much negativity in, it can do a number on your insides. Planning an act of revenge or daydreaming on how you'll make someone pay for their crimes against you isn't the healthiest use of your energy.


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SAGITTARIUS: He thinks you're completely self-centered.

zodiac signs' worst traits, zodiac signs

When people don't behave in the way you do, you don't understand it. You only see people and the world in how they relate to you. If someone is nice to you, they're good and if they're merely indifferent, they suck. You're entirely lacking in empathy and can never see things from someone else's point of view because there's only one POV: yours.


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CAPRICORN: He thinks you need to slow your roll.

zodiac signs' worst traits, zodiac signs

You have amazing energy, especially when it comes to your work, which you're passionate about. The problem is you over-schedule yourself and you're not as good at multitasking as you think. You need to slow down sometimes and just chill. If you're always running on all cylinders then you run the danger of burning out. Make yourself take breaks.


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AQUARIUS: He thinks you deliberately try to be weird.

zodiac signs' worst traits, zodiac signs

You're a unique person and it's wonderful that you're comfortable with your own weirdness and eccentricity. However, you don't have to pretend that you're weirder than you are. Trust that you're fascinating all on your own and that you don't have to try on some different persona just to appear more interesting. Relax, there's no one on earth like you and he appreciates your peculiarities. 


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PISCES: He thinks you're unreliable.

zodiac signs' worst traits, zodiac signs

You forget appointments or things that you're supposed to do. It's just that you get caught up in an idea or a fantasy and you lose all sense of time. You have a problem telling someone "no" so you agree to do something and then either forget or give them a last minute silly excuse. Just be honest at the start so you don't end up lying or losing the respect someone had for you. As appealing as a world of your imagination may be, you still have to live in the real world, with real people.


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