You Can Count On These 5 Flirty Zodiac Signs To Make The First Move Every Time

Flirty McFlirty Pants over there.

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What if we lived in a world where NOBODY made the first move? We would walk around like brainless zombies waiting for someone to make our day or break our hearts. SOMETHING! Right?

At least that’s how I feel when I am waiting around for someone to make the first move. It can get tiring being the passive person waiting for someone to show REAL interest in you.



Well thank god we are ALL different and some of us have the ability (and the BALLZ, if I do say so) to go up to a guy and tell him how we feel. Or start making out with him, whatever comes first.

You probably have a friend who surprises you every Friday with her amazing moves, ON and off the dance floor. She catches a cutie staring at her from across the room and she makes it her mission to talk to him. By the end of the night she has his number and a goodnight kiss.

Honestly ... my hero! Why can't we all get the guts to do that?

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She is the friend who teaches you how to flirt with touching and would probably get an A+++++ in the course if it was offered.

You don’t know where she learned it but she is DAMN good at it. She can talk to guys in a way that lays everything out on the table without looking desperate.

She is COOL, CALM, and COLLECTED when it comes to making the first move and you WISH you could emulate her ways.


But it’s not something she learned or developed. Nope, she was born this way and sorry there is probably no hope for you.

You have to have a certain personality to be able to make the first move. And the LUCKY select group who excels at putting the moves on is determined by astrology.

That’s right, when you look to the stars and to your horoscope, it shows who has the innate ability to use finger guns and not look like a total weirdo.


Scroll on to find out which zodiac signs take the cake in flirting and make the first move successfully.

1Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries flirty zodiac signs make the first move

Aries is always looking to be the first in every situation, and that applies to her dating game as well. She is competitive and will not stand for losing “the game”.

But she also knows that you can’t just jump right how there and spill your feelings the first night you meet.

She will give it about a week and then if her love interest hasn’t made a move yet, she will go for it. She ‘s impatient and doesn’t really believe that the guy has to make the first move.

But it won’t be a simple “I like you”. Nope, she goes ALL IN and tells the whole story about how her crush caught her eye. Don’t worry, her truth and honesty is endearing and it needed to happen already! OK?!

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2Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus flirty zodiac signs make the first move

Taurus is powerful and knows how to commands a room. Honestly, she would probably do REALLY well as the Bachelorette. Bless her.

She is the Queen of the first move. She is powerful, not only with her voice but also her body. She’s not scared to touch and be sensual on the first date.

I am not talking about sexual touching, but classy date touching like leaning in or touching the arm when he makes her laugh.

She is an expert at that type of touching and it definitely doesn’t feel forced AT ALL.

Taurus uses flirty touching to get what she wants and does it quicker than any other sign. She knows that flirting and being comfortable around a guy shows that she has confidence and she is really digging him.

Like Leo, nothing can stop Taurus from getting what she wants and she wants this cutie who has been sending signals ALL. DAMN. NIGHT. You go girl!

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3Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leo flirty zodiac signs make the first move

It’s not hard for a Leo to make the first move. She’s a total theater nerd and for the last two weeks she has been practicing in the mirror how she will approach her love interest.

Honestly, she doesn’t really need any practice because she has her confidence. She could walk up to any cute guy she saw in the grocery, talk about watermelons and have a date in no time.

She doesn’t let her nerves get in the way of what she wants.

But she also has her humor to help her when things get awkward. So if she is checking out a potential mate and he catches her staring she could make a pun about fruit and it would be totally normal.

If any other sign tried that they would be fumbling over their words and walking in the other direction.

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4Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio flirty zodiac signs make the first move

Scorpio is the sign that will raise her hand the first time on the very first day of class. Nothing scares her about coming right out and saying everything she needs to say.

Just like in school, Scorpio has no fear and will make the first move to break the ice. It also helps that she has passion and an assertive spirit.

She isn’t thinking about how nervous she is or if she’ll make a fool of herself. Instead she is running on emotions and feelings for a person she has made a connection with.

We could ALL learn a little something from her confidence.

She’s also not into hiding secrets so it’s important for her to show how she is feeling either through words or physical flirting. And she’d rather can’t past the “I’m into you” conversation and get right to the real stuff.

Let's say she’s not a proponent of the thrill of the chase. Me neither, Scorp, me neither.

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5Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius flirty zodiac signs make the first move

Now Sagittarius has the PERFECT makings of someone who makes the first move every time. And most of the time she doesn’t even know she is making the first move, it’s just her personality coming through. Lucky her!

She is energetic and an extrovert and it’s not hard for her to pop a kiss on her date at the EXACT right moment or speak comfortably about her feelings. Seriously, luck her…

And she’s also a sign that doesn’t play “the game” because she doesn’t like clingy people. You know, people can get clingy when their prospective boo doesn’t define the relationship.

So she just bites the bullet, makes the first move, and everyone can be normal happy people. Instead on crazed zombies trying to figure out who likes who. We don’t need that, thanks Sag.

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