Meow! 21 Reasons You Should Be Thankful For Your Cat

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You Should Be Thankful For Your Cat

Whether or not you like cats, you just have to admit how cute they are — their soft fur, adorable little feet, sharp nails, thirst for blood ... wait, what was I talking about?

All cat owners know that cats are not only so mushable you could easily squeeze the life out of them (please don't), but they're also part of your family, your best friend, and the one life form who will show you unconditional love while simultaneously gouging your eyes out.

Sure, you provide food and shelter for them, and you're obviously the alpha-human, but there are plenty of reasons YOU should be thankful to have your kitty in your life.

1. They rely on you.

That pathetic little meow they let out as you're about to feed them, THAT is them telling you how much they really need you. And food. Mostly food.

2. Their meow makes you warm and fuzzy inside.

Someone once told me that "meows are the modern and direct translations of ancient angel chants."

3. They're the perfect inspiration for DIY projects.

They're actually making you rich on Etsy, you know. What ever would you do without a keyboard cat cushion?

4. They keep it real.

Yes, you're annoying them. No, pats are not welcome. Deal with it. Now GTFO before I slash the f*ck out of your face.

5. They make sure you put your dishes in the sink ... by knocking them onto the floor.

You'd be such a slob without them.

6. Their pawsies are adorable and soft.

(And are also tiny, upside down teddy bears). Cuteness overload.

7. They provide great health benefits.

Like lowering blood pressure and decreasing your risk of dying from a heart attack by 40 percent. Thank them with lots of love (in the form of food, of course).

8. They bring you (dead) presents to show how much they care.

Awww, so thoughtful!

9. They always make sure you wake up on a time, even if it's just to feed them breakfast.

You'll never miss a morning meeting again thanks to your furbaby.

10. OMG they're just SO cute! 

When you're having one of those days where you feel ugly/gross/blah, just look at your cat. 

11. They provide comfort you can't get from people.

Cats can tell when you're sad or sick, and try to make you feel better by cuddling or head-butting you. Hey, at least someone wants to be around you when you have the sniffles.

12. They're always smiling, no matter what mood they're in.

Yep, their mouths are a permanent smile. Instant happiness boost for you.

13. Their purring is super relaxing.

Bad day at work? No worries, just lay your head on your kitty's tummy and float off toward your relaxation cloud. It's a much better alternative to meditation.

14. They're perfect models for "anywhere sleep."

On the bed, the floor, the wires under your computer, someone's head, the kitchen counter, in the closet, under a sink.

15. Their intelligence and quick wit easily match yours.

This will keep you in check so you don't get too cocky, or think of getting one of those gullible dogs.

16. They're compact.

They really don't take up much space, so this means there's more space for your junk ... I mean ... comic book collection. Cats are also huge believers in "if it fits, I sits."

17. They keep noise to a minimum.

Birds chirp and dogs bark, but you don't need to worry about your kitty bothering the neighbors. Unless they're begging you for food. In that case, plug your ears and get that cat some Friskies!

18. They double as a fluffy companion AND a fluffy pillow.

If your pillow is feeling kind of flat and not up to its full fluffiness potential, grab a cat, plop your head onto their belly, and enjoy a restful sleep ... full of claw marks and dried blood.

19. They constantly put up with your smothering bullsh*t.

Smushing their face, lifting them up for smushes, drowning them in never-ending kisses. They endure it all so they can lick themselves clean for 2 hours once they escape from your clutches.

20. They're free from judgment.

Cats don't have an ego (don't confuse their aloofness or preference for a stress-free environment as sneakiness or a hidden agenda). Go ahead, talk to them about the boy who broke your heart or the mean professor who made you cry in class.

21. They're thankful for YOU.

You adopted them and saved them from a potentially horrific life of abuse and neglect. And for that, they are eternally grateful.


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