9 Guys Reveal What They Really Think Of The Most Vulnerable Oral Sex Position

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If your man has ever suggested this sex position and you weren't sure what to say, you are not alone.

What is facesitting? This sex position is very popular in porn, which is probably where they discovered it, but of course, porn stars have more direction and grace than a lot of us do. And while it sounds fun in theory — everything you need in one place — it can be pretty darn awkward.

So, do guys like this sex position? Awkwardness aside, this can be very pleasurable, both mentally and erotically. But that does not mean there won't be some pretty crazy things going through both your heads. Here's what men think about it.

1. The vulnerability is incredibly hot.

"This is an incredibly intimate and erotic position. Some women may feel vulnerable showing their womanhood up close and personal while others will delight in the eroticism of it. For me, it is a total turn-on to pleasure a woman this way and watch her squirm as my tongue does the tango on her vagina. The more juices, the better."

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2. I'll try anything that switches things up.

"I don’t mind it at all! While she’s liked me going down on her when she’s lying on her back, we’ve switched it up a little more. She has more control and can move around, but she’s said that her legs can get a little tired. I need to come up for air every so often but am putting my scuba training to good use in breath control. I’m up for it any day."   

3. It's not for everyone.

"Well, I enjoy it, but my ex-wife didn't like it much so I stopped. She said, 'You smell homeless, so get off me or I'll call the cops.'"

4. It doesn't do much for me.

"It's great if the lady can pull it off without being distracting (or just distracting enough to heighten things) but doesn't really do much for me."

5. It's a sexy, submissive position. 

"You can tell a lot about a woman based on their interest. They garner control; however, the man's actions leave them in a position on how much they are willing to 'let go' and enjoy the act."

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6. It only works if she knows what she's doing.

"Personally, I love that sex position. It puts everything right where you want it, and on the right person, it looks amazing. The only downside is if she has to fart or loses her balance. Then it can end... not well."

7. I try not to look in the mirror afterward.

"I hope when I get up to go the bathroom my face doesn't look like my worst day of allergy season made its way from my nose down to my mouth."

8. It's suffocating.

"I think this is a great option for oral stimulation, but it doesn't leave the giver (me, especially) much room to work. We're pinned down and have to rely on the receiver doing enough to get to the right spot and feeling. Also, you would be surprised how many times I've had to wriggle around to, unnoticed, find a passageway to breathe!"

9. What's not to like?

"Logistically speaking, there's a lot to like. For the guy, the supine position saves neck strain if she's facing toward you. It has the same neck-saving over 69ing and likely saves her some shoulder or abdomen strain that 69ing may have incurred. It also leaves his arms in place that they can pretty easily fondle a boob, grab a bottom or pull longer hair. It's mildly kinky and does play with dominance in a very manageable way. And maybe the most attractive part is also the most sophomoric."

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