A Dad Found Out Wife Pregnant With FIFTH Daughter On Facebook Live —​ And He Wasn't Happy

Photo: WorldStar
Dad Fifth Girl


Gender reveals are stressful no matter what. Whether you want a boy or a girl, or you're happy with that or anything in-between, the anticipation can seriously build. 

Now, imagine if you're a dad of four girls, just hoping for a boy. The stakes are high. The insides of the cupcakes are pink or blue.

Anything can happen. 

The Batson family out of Hahira, Georgia, decided to take to Facebook Live to announce the gender of their fifth child. Christine, the mother who had three daughter's with Josh and one with a previous partner, gathered her family around the table, each with a cupcake to eat through to find the center color that would determine their next family member. 

Let's just say, Josh was a little stressed about the answer. 

When one of the family's younger daughters shouts that she found a pink center in her cupcake, you can see Josh bury his face in his hands. Then he silently gets up and walks outside towards their pool. 

Moments letter you can hear him yell, "WHY GOD WHY" to the sky.

I'm guessing he had some sort of hope that after four girls, he'd get a boy. 

After the jumps, or well falls, face-first into the water and plays dead. 

"He might be dead," Christine joked. "We're not sure."

Though Josh was very open about his hope for his first boy, I'm sure he's just as excited for his fifth girl.